mY bEsT fRiEnDs

Taylor - 18, Scorpio
Me and Taylor have been friends since we were both in 6th grade, so we've been friends for about 6 years now.
She's been through almost everything with me, especially during our high school years which is when we became
really close. She's always supported me whole heartedly even when I used to be a fuckin' asshole and has never
thrown me under the bus and has jus... BEEN AMAZING. I love her so much. We understand each other and we get what
each other go through etc and she doesn't drag me down whatsoever or start stupid shit constantly... TLDR i'm very
thankful to have her in my life to be such a good influence on me ♥

Mark - 18, Libra
omggg Mark! Mark is great! Mark has to be one of the funniest fuckin' people I know. We always are making jokes or
just being loud ass obnoxious assholes LMAOOOO. When we're together everyone around us probably hates us but we couldn't
give less of a shit about what anyone else thinks about us :-P Me and him became friends during the summer between freshman
and sophomore year and i'm pretty sure Taylor introduced us but i can't remember. We had classes in 10th Grade so we became good
friends around that time! Idk he's a good dude and i'm glad we're friends! He's always bound to make me laugh :-)

Amy - 20, Picses
I love Amy sm!!! Taylor introduced me to Amy about 2 years ago and we didn't get super close until liiiiike last
year I think... Idk. But Amy is my favorite smokin' buddy bc she's my friend that is always down to kick it and watch
Dr. Phil while smokin' some good ass weed. She is also so so caring and loving towards me and has always treated me with
kindness and acceptance. She has never made me feel bad for something I wanted to do and has always prioritized my happiness
first and im so grateful for that. Everyone should have a friend like Amy because she just makes life so much better ♥.