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IG: @grxy.scale Age: 18Sign: Scorpio

Taylor and me have been friends since we were in 6th grade and I love her immensely. She has helped me get through so much, and is such a caring friend. I will always remember the days of us spending hours playing xbox together, staying up super late while building our house in minecraft or finding glitches in GTAIV. I cherish those times. :'-) She has always supported me and everything I do, and I appreciate it so much. She never brings me down, and has stayed by my side through thick and thin. I love her so much!!


IG: @br4tcore Age: 21Sign: Picses

Everytime I update these descriptions, I get speechless when it comes to Amy. I don't think i've ever met such a beautiful, inspiring person than her. We have never fought, nor have we had even a simple argument. She is so easy going, but doesn't allow people to walk all over her. She's been through a lot, and i'm so incredibly happy to see her where she is today compared to when I met her. She is a kind and genuine human being, there needs to be more people like Amy in the world. I love her and am so lucky to have a friend like her.


IG: @promcree Age: 18Sign: Libra

Mark is such a great friend oh my god. He is the funniest person I know, he ALWAYS makes me laugh!! We've been friends since sophomore year, when we had geometry together. I swear everyone in that class hated us because we were very loud & obnoxious LMAO. But man, Mark is such a good dude!! He is so loving towards his friends, and can be so comforting when you need it most! He's got a really good personality, and I hope he goes far in life!!


IG: @jawzellen Age: 18Sign: Scorpio

I met Jozelyn my freshman year when we had 1st period biology together w/ Ms. Huber (a great fuckin teacher). We started hanging out more often our sophomore year and quickly grew very close, especially when she ended up moving in w/ Kiersten & Korrin, and we all hung out a lot. We get along so well b/c we are loud ass pot heads who laugh at the dumbest shit, and I love her so much for that :'-) We've had a lot of good times together over the years & i'm so grateful to have her in my life! I am excited for a future of more good memories :-))) ♥


IG: @nicehandsoaps Age: 18Sign: Pisces

I love Kiersten so much!! Holy FUCK man, I've known Kiersten since 6th grade. I'm pretty sure that the first time we talked was when she heard me playing Ponponpon by Kyary Pamyu or whatever her name was and we bonded over that haha. I have so so many good memories with kiersten man.. Late night skype calls, roblox marathons, that one anime convention LMAO. Some of the best memories in all my 18 years of living are w/ Kiersten, like the years of playing Garry's mod together, especially prop hunt & HL2RP.. aw :'-) I am so thankful 2 have known her and am very glad I still do ♥


IG: @hailey.hruska Age: 20Sign: Leo

I met Hailey thru Amy about a year ago-ish i'm pretty sure, I was goin through a lot when I met her. She is so SO very sweet and an amazing person to be around, she makes me feel so loved :'-). I love goin' to the club w/ her and dancing! She is an angel, and a very good, genuine person. I have so much love & respect for her!! So glad to call her my friend! ♥


IG: @mallgawths Age: 18Sign: Pisces

This is one of my fave friend backstories LMAO, So I also met Korrin in 6th grade and i had a HUGE crush on her!!! It was before I 100% knew I was gay and was SO into her!! She totally rejected me b/c I was a cringey scene kid who listened to BOTDF but I'm so glad we eventually became friends afterwards!! I've had some good times over the years with Korrin, and I'm so glad things are the way they are now and that we can continue having good times together ♥


Snapchat: @ashlyn_garcia Age: 18Sign: Leo

Taylor introduced me to Ashlyn in 2017 back when we used to drive to Santa Fe to pick her up from school and go to Runge park to smoke ciggies. :-) We've had a lot of fun together (like the time I broke Taylors nail w/ my foot & the 3 of us sat in Taylor's bathroom as she bled LMAO.) and i'm so glad that we're friends! We don't get to see each other much b/c of the distance between us but I still love her w/ my whole heart!! I love her personality, she's a fuckin bad bitch that doesn't take peoples shit and that's an AMAZING trait to have. She's gone through a lot and I couldn't be more proud of her for being such a strong, amazing person & friend. ♥