mY bEsT fRiEnDs

Taylor - 18, Scorpio
Taylor is my bestest friend in the whole ass world LMAO. I love this bitch SO MUCH! We've known each
other since we were both in 6th grade and have been close friends ever since! I cherish the days we
spent in the early 2010's playing Xbox together, making memories, and meeting so many fun people while
having a ton of good experiences! She's always there for me when times get tough and never makes me feel
unloved or unappreciated. I have so much genuine love and respect for her and the things she does. She is
an amazing and impactful influence on me and is definitely someone who can bring me back down to earth when
i get full of myself LMAO. She never makes me feel like shit for mistakes that I make and is always open to
working through altercations (which rarely happen between us since we get along so well.) TLDR, I fucking love
Taylor. She is my #1, she means so so so much to me and i have no idea what i'd do without her in my life. ♥

Mark - 18, Libra
Mark is such a fucking good friend!! I love mark so much. Me and mark became friends our sophomore
year and it didn't take long for me to consider him a GOOD ASS FRIEND! He has to be one of the most
comforting people I know, not just with me but with everyone he meets. He has a lot of compassion in
his heart and it's amazing how good of a person he is. And his sense of humor oh my GOD!! Mark is one
of the funniest motherfuckers i know. If i need to laugh i'll go to mark because he always has
some funny ass dumb shit to say or do and I value his humor so much! Another good quality of Mark's is
that he is very smart about how he handles altercations. He is so good at being neutral in situations
that involve his friends and can refrain from being petty or immature during serious situations and I
look up to him a lot in this context!!! I enjoy having mark around immensely and could not imagine how
dull life would be without getting a chance to act a fucking fool with him!! ♥

Amy - 20, Picses
Amy is ... amazing. Words cannot describe how much love I have for Amy. Me and Amy have NEVER
had a disagreement nor have we had a fight of ANY kind in the 2/3 years we've known each other. We
both have love in our hearts and are huge potheads haha, so it's no wonder we click so well. Speaking of
being potheads, Amy is my favorite person to smoke with! She always is down to smoke another bowl with me and
loves to sit with me at my computer and watch shit like Dr. Phil and crime documentaries, WHICH I LOVE!!! She
knows how to have a good time and I always enjoy myself when i'm with her. She is always a very caring
and good friend. She genuinely cares about me and the things I go through and has always checked on me when I
needed it most. She gives amazing advice and truly just wants the best for others, and i appreciate that so much.
I love amy so fucking much. I'm so glad she's in my life ♥