Monday, December 27, 2021 - 9:20 PM
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LyFe UpdAteZ:

★ Amy and I went to Arizona last month to spend thanksgiving with my mom & siblings at my grandparents house in Gold Canyon. Our flight to Phoenix left from IAH on Nov 24th at 5:50 IN THE MORNING. It was the cheapest flight I could find, I spent $473 (Plus $30 to ensure that Amy & I sat together) for both of our tickets. IAH is about an hour away from where I live so we didn't sleep at all the night before. Amy and I were hanging out in my room at like 2AM chugging energy drinks and coffee. Kiersten got to my house around 3am and we hung out in my old room, (Uhh I'll explain my room situation next.. holy shit was that a mess. Anyways..) We smoked a few bowls before Amy and I chugged some boxed wine straight from thE TAP. (important note: flying is my biggest fear, I FREAK OUT when I have to fly so I got pretty loosey goosey before the flight.)

We got to the airport around 4AM and the security line WAS SO LONG. It took us like 30 to 40 minutes to get through security. We got through with about 20 minutes to spare so we went and got food, I got some hersheys kisses and some OJ & Amy bought a sandwich FOR LIKE $11!! which she said was terrible, sadly. There was some man at our gate singing christian music & playing a guitar we thought we were about to die. Whenever we got on the plane I started frEAKIN out and when we took off I was LATCHED onto Amy so god damn tightly. OMG the worst fucking part was when as we were taking off, the overhead bins started to rattle VIOLENTLY, I WAS SO SCARED. Bitch I was fully prepared 2 DIE in a plane crash. We lived though.

My mom & stepdad got us from the airport around 8am Arizona time and we immediately smoked a bowl. My mom lives in New Mexico right next 2 Colorado so she gets legal weed and jesus CHRIST that shit puts me on my ass. I forgot about the scary ass plane ride REAL quick. (... Can you tell the wine is kicking in? Is this making sense? I'm tipzy...) Anyways, we got to the hotel and Amy & I passed TF out for a few hours before we went to some family dinner thingy at one of the Air BNB's that one of my family members were staying at. It was fun, Amy got me a box of wine and I was drinking straight from the spout most of the trip.. tee hee. I was fucked up at the family functions.

Later in the night when me and Amy were all wiNeD uP, we went for a walk. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I'm getting emotional thinking about it, I love Amy so much. We were drunk as shit dancing around this random ass neighborhood in Arizona singing along to gwen stefani songs. I remember falling on my ass in the street at some point. We ended up having to pee so we both pissed on the side of the road. Amy is a guRL though so she went to lean up on somethin and HER DRUNK ASS ENDED UP PISSIN ON A CACTUS LMFAOOO. I was cackling while pissing on the side of road. omg. She had fuckin spikey things all over her ass afterwards. The cool thing about arizona is they have laws or whatever against light pollution so there are BARELy any street lights so 1. we can pee in public peacefully and 2. YOU CAN SEE STARS AND CONSTELLATIONS AND SHIT. AHhhHH. anyways.. moving on..

After the 2nd day, I think, we checked out of our hotel and stayed at my grandma's house for the rest of the trip. To sum it up as quick as I can, (i'm rambling a lot tee hee.) We drank wine, smoked a ton, hung out with my mom and siblings, watched Flavor of Love, ate GOOD FOOD, caught up on our sleep, and just.. fuckin chilled, y'know? It was so much fun, a really great time.

The day we left sucked, I was sobbING. Our flight left on Nov 30th around 4pm. Just like before the flight to AZ, me and amy were smOKIN AND DRinkin before we went to the airport. My mom gave us the rest of her lil weed pen and me and Amy took turns puffin the fuck out of it and my vape outside of PHX airport before going in. They had a bunch of displays of what flight attendants used 2 wear in the past and our high asses were like :O starin at em for the longest time lmfao. The flight home was a similar experience to the 1st flight, me gripping Amy in terror while the overhead bins rattled violently. We survived the flight home tho and Kiersten picked us up at IAH to return us to our miserable lives in TX. BLAH. I ramble a lot. Anyways, here are some pics from the trip:

★ Okay.. MY ROOM! Holy shit. So, a few months ago I was getting ready to go out to Numbers with Amy and our friend Sax when they noticed that my shower was leaking. They told me abt it and my DUMBASS went in there and tried to use all my strength to turn off the water and I ended up SNAPPING the damn twisty thing that turns my shower on which caused it to leak even more water that I couldn't turn off. I told my grandma as soon as it happened but she kept putting off getting it fixed and it ended up fucking EVERYTHING in my room up. Holy shit. Sometime before I left for New York I noticed that my floorboards were like.. buckling and leaking water. I'm a total moron though so I just ignored it!! because I'm dumb!! and thought it would just fix itself or something?? I'm goin' through a lot at home bc I take care of my grandparents and .. that's a whole nother story I DON'T want 2 get into, but anyways .. that was the last thing I needed!

So I left for new york and came back a week later and, OF COURSE, it got WORSE. Half of my room had water under the floorboards. Anyways, MONTHS after the initial leak, I finally cleared out my room like COMPLETELY so that it could get fixed. Whenever I cleared out my closet there was a HUGE SPOT OF BLACK MOLD ON MY CLOSET WALL. I HAD BEEN LIVING, CHILLING RIGHT NEXT TO IT FOR MONTHS. It was SO GROSS. The people that fixed it had to tear out the drywall, completely repaint my room, and I got a new floor. That all started earlier this month or so, I just finally moved back into my room yesterday. I was staying in my childhood bedroom while all that was going on. GOD i'm so glad that whole situation is over, it was hell. Here's a pic of my temporary set-up for the next few months, hopefully I'll be moving out early next year:

★ I TURNED 21! December 14th, 2021 was my birthday and honestly, I can't remember much from that week. I'll try to explain the week the best I can. On Tuesday, my bday, Amy, our friend Taylee, and I started off the night at chili's. I had 2 long island iced teas with my food and i got a lil buzzed. After that we went to this bar in Houston called Poison girl where I had a vodka sprite and a shot called Poison Girl. It was so much fun, there was a photobooth there and we all whipped out our titz for the camera. good times. After that we went to Kinky Tuesday at numbers where I had another vodka sprite while watching ppl getting tied up on stage & whipped and shit under a red light, GOD it was awesome. I don't think I did anything on wednesday, I think I just bought some wine and chilled but I honestly do n0t remember. Thursday was Y2K night at Numbers and I had a fewwww too many shots & vodka sprites, I ended up puking in the bathroom for like 2 HOURS before we left and got caines. Friday was a normal Numbers 80s night, I drank some drinks I've been wanting 2 try from my fave bartender and danced my ass off. I don't remember too much from that night, I remember sitting on this guys lap outside while I smoked a cig and talked to him w Kiersten. I think we were talking about going to vegas and getting a 3 way marriage or something... Idk. I think that was the night I ended up diving into a bush. I had fun!!! I fucking love being 21. Here are some pics from that week:

WELL I have been drinking wine while writing all of that over the past hour and I am ... chillin. I think I'm gonna play GTA 4 for a bit and then go 2 bed, I gotta work tomorro, sadly. I hope that you're doing well! See U next time I update my site in like.... 500 billion years!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 10:46 PM
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I was going through all the pages I've created for this site since 2018 and there are a lot that are no longer linked anywhere. I'm bored so I decided to compile some of them here!

1. My Old Blingees: Here's a page with some Blingees I made a few years back. LINK

2. My Dollz: Here's some of my old Dollz! Maybe I should make a page with all that I've made... LINK

3. Matrix Code: A page with a Matrix code rain gif, that's all. LINK

4. Polaroid from 2018: A pic of me from 2018. I was a MESS. LINK

5. The Vault: I kinda wish I kept up with this. It's a collection of old Geocities pages I like. LINK

6. Sims 1 Bio: A bio page I made when I was 18 using The Sims 1 web tools. LINK

7. A Sims 1 Story: I made this a few years ago also using The Sims 1 web tools. I was stoned. Links don't work but you get the idea.LINK

8. My Sims 4 CC: Mediocre CC I made a few years back. I think the downloads still work but.. they aren't that cute.LINK

Saturday, November 6, 2021 - 11:12 PM
× subject: i went 2 new york
× mood: drunk & nostalgic
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LyFe UpdAteZ:

★ HOLY shiT I have not updated my site in a while SO much has been goin on in my life L8ly. I guess I should start w/ talking bout my new york trip! I left on September 26th & came home on October 1st. It was crazy. I stayed in tribeca in Manhattan by canal st. I met the person I stayed w/ on instagram and after 1 to 2 weeks of talking I was on my way to NY. He changed my life. I experienced things I never imagined I would experience. One of my favorite parts of the trip was when I got to walk around manhattan by myself for a few hours & saw the 9/11 memorial. FucK, talking about it makes me sad I wish I could go back to the moment I was walking down the stairs of the building I was staying in, trying to detangle my headphones before listening to music from GTA IV. It was a whole ass moment for me. I walked about a 20 to 30 minute walk to the WTC and sat by the fountains for a good 45 mins before going back. I just sat back, relaxed, listened to music, & enjoyed myself. Here's some pix from that moment:

I miss NY so much. I got to get drunk with the person I was staying with and his friends on top of their building in manhattan right next to the empire state building. It was surreal. Here's some picz of my drunk ass freakin out on this mf skyscraper & pics I took while drunk in times square (my hair WAS A MESS I was in desperate need of a haircut.. ignore that..):

On one of the last days I was there I got to hang out with my friend Josie and it was so much fucking fun. I met Josie forever ago at Numbers in Houston and we became good friends. He recently moved to Brooklyn, NY so when he saw I was there he was like !! bitch hello!! We met up around noon at a bagel shop and had the nicest reunion! We went in and I got a sesame bagel w/ cream cheese and a coffee. We walked to a nearby park and sat, enjoyed the weather, ate our bagels, caught up, & talked about life and the future. While we were hanging there, a group of teens came to the park and start rolling up a mf blunt and started smoking i was like :O. bitch i'm from texas I'm not used 2 smokin in public. People in NY really dont give a shit though, after Josie saw them smoking he was like fuck it girl lets smoke a bowl and I got high as shit next to this fuckin playground where a toddler was playing. nobody cared though!! not even a glance. I fucking love new york. After we smoked and finished eating we started exploring manhattan for a while before heading to central park. We shared his airpods and listened to Lana Del Rey and HOLY SHIT LISTENING TO HER IN NEW FUCKING YORK>!?!?!?!?> dream come true. First we went to this cute little store, Idk how to explain it, it had a wide variety of stuff and was very minimalistic & cool. Josie got some stuff & we left and kept exploring. Eventually we found this goth / halloween store and we BOLTED for it. It had SO MANY CUTE OUTFITS. They had a whole corner lined with corsets, it was so cool. We didn't find anything we could afford there so we left & went to get some matcha tea. On our way to the tea place we stumbled across the fucking limelight and took a million pictures of it. anyways, back to the tea, I've never had it before! it was so good, I got a matcha lemonade drink, I loved it. We hung out there for a while before going outside to sit on a bench while Josie loaded another bowl before we walked down the street and just fuckin smoked there on the sidewalk. I WAS LIKE !!!!!! OMG and Josie was like ....sis. just like the first time we smoked, nobody walking by gave a shit. It was so weird. After getting baked we took the subway to 5th avenue & walked around before going to central park. The people in new york are so different from what I am used to seeing in my small town in TX. it's so interesting. Anyways, we started near the bottom of central park and worked our way up near the middle where the big lake & boat place is next to the fountain w the angel or whtever and the little underground area with a beautiful ceiling. after hanging out there for a while and smokin another bowl, we went further north for a while before taking the subway to little italy to pick up a food order for the guy I was staying with. After that we walked back to tribeca to the place I was staying and ordered wine and hung out. It was a really good day. Here's some pix from that day:

I hope most of that made sense, I've been drinkin wine tonite. :3 LAstly, for now, here are some pics I took in NYC compared to pics I took in GTA 4:

★ Last night I went to Numbers and it was one of the best nights I've had in a while. I felt okay about how I looked for once, danced to really good music, and hung out w/ my friends Amy, Taylee, Zia, and Luna. I also got to talk to someone I've been wanting to talk to for a while.. holy shit that interaction took my breath away, I was so nervous. I can't wait for next friday, I hope I see him again.

★ I got a small raise & started taking more shifts at work.


★ I'm planning on moving out and living with Amy, hopefully soon. In like the next 6 months maybe? Idk. I gotta start saving up! Amy and I were talking about doordashing together, I think that'd be fun.

bleh I have had 2 much wine, I'm tired. I think I'm going to get in bed and watch downtown till I fall asleep. I hope u are doing well! I might update my site again when I get up tomorro but idk.. we'll see B-)

Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 5:22 PM
× subject: blah blah blah
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LyFe UpdAteZ:

★ I think I want 2 start these off with recent pix of me so here's one I took of myself last night:

★ I stopped biting my nails a few months ago and it's nice to have long nails but trying to type this out without making typos is making me want to rip them all off.

★ KFC is still hell on earth.

★ I'm still going thru this goth vampire fantasy phase and I'm still lovin it. I recently bought Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines and it's been keeping me entertained for days.

★ Along with this vampire obsession I've also become reinvested in The Walking Dead. I bought the first 2 comic book compendiums and HOLY SHIT they are so fucking good. Fuck the show, the comic books are AWESOME. I can't believe what I've been missing out on all these years. I also replayed the games, I don't even need to say how good those are. I love zombie stuff, I miss the early 2010's zombie craze. I've also been playing a lot of Project Zomboid so I can create my own lil apocalypse scenarios. It's a nice escape.

★ I'm going to Numbers tomorrow night and I can't wait to dance and see my friends. I can't believe I've been going there almost every Friday for the past 4 years. The first time I went was like 5 or 6 years ago, my mom took me after taking me to an L7 concert. It was such a good night, I was like 15 and had never experienced night life like that before and instantly fell in love. Thanks mom. Learn more about numbers HERE

★ Songs I've been listening to lately: The Cure - Close To Me, Die My Darling - Pain 13, Chiasm - Isolated, Lacuna Coil - Swamped, Darling Violetta - A Smaller God.

That's about all for now, I'm gonna read some more of the TWD comic :-P see ya!

Saturday, July 3, 2021 - 9:22 PM
× subject: hello
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*warning: drunk rambling ahead*

LyFe UpdAteZ:

★ I went to Numbers last night with kiersten, here's a pic of me I took b4 going in:

★ I've been working at KFC for 6 or 7 months now and it is hell on earth. I get yelled at by dumbass country morons on a daily basis. There are positives though; I handle confrontation pretty well nowadays, It's easier for me to talk to strangers, I am more ambitious.. sorta... I mean.. Idk if that's the right word. A year ago I was perfectly fine being where I was in life & staying there but now I want to get a better job, find my own place, and make something of myself or somethin idk. I wanna grow up. Not really, but I'm content with the fact that I have to grow up eventually.

★ I've found it easier to be myself and express myself without fear of judgement or guilt lately. I'm getting better at developing a more positive self-image.. I think. I hope. I want to love myself.

★ I started painting my nails black & dyeing my hair black lately & I'm loving it. Living my early 2000's goth vampire fantasy.

★ I've been listening to Snake River Conspiracy and She Wants Revenge on repeat lately.

★ My new favorite cartoon is MTV's Downtown. It was a one season cartoon released in 1999 that follows a diverse cast of characters through their lives in NYC. It's so fucking cool. The art style, the music composed for it, the music featured in it (sneaker pimps, sonic youth, portishead...), the nostalgia, Everything about it is so good. I only watch it when I do acid, I recommend only watching it when you aren't sober or really late at night / early in the morning. It's one of those shows that feels like a fever dream. Whenever I tripped the other night I decided that I HAD to own it on DVD because the episodes that are on youtube are low quality & the music is taken out of some. I stumbled across this blogspot post from 2007 posted by the guy who made the show that has a link to buy it on DVD & I sent $25 without even checking to see if it was legit first... Turns out it is. I got lucky. I got really lucky because they've been selling it since 2007 and I found it in 2021 where his most recent comment (last month) says they only have a few left. I'm so happy.

★ I've developed an addiction for the mobile game Covet Fashion. It reinvigorated my love for fashion games (I grew up on Stardoll). I wish I could be a rich girl so that I could buy all the clothes I own in the game. Kyndra Jade is the brand I'm currently obsessed with. Check out their website here and try to tell me those aren't the most dreamy and beautiful dresses you've ever seen.

★ Some TV shows I've been into lately (other than Downtown) are Beavis and Butt-head, Liquid Television, Daria, and Aeon Flux. I guess I'm going through an MTV phase or somethin.

★ I have started buying old Bratz on eBay b/c of the recent Bratz revival and I NEED MORE BRATZ DOLLS.

That's pretty much it I think, I am preTTy drunk off sum boxed wine and Idk what else 2 talk about! I'm gonna go play GTA 4 for a bit and then go 2 sleep and enjoy my day off tomorro. I hope that you're doing well!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - 7:00 PM
× subject: rambling again
× mood: Stoned
× music: Scream - Punkinloveee (listen)

hey. i haven't updated this shit in forever, it's been almost 6 months or somethin.

i have been super busy after i sold my soul to colonel sanders last november

i do drive-thru morning shifts (10:30am - 4pm) and get paid $8 an hour. it's been a nice first job. i get along with all of my co-workers which makes working there a lot easier, most of them are people i know from high school. customers can be a pain in the ass sometimes but most people are pretty fuckin cool. i live in texas though so none of these morons wear masks.

man.. it really has been a while since i've blabbed about bullshit 2 the wurLd wide w3b. i started writing my thoughts down on mspaint so that i could also draw and add images and shit. i might as well start uploading them here so i can give myself a reason 2 take care of this site. i suck at keeping up with things. i think i'll make a seperate page where i can just dump all of my mspaint doodlez and add a link to them at the top of this page.

i never know what 2 say... always get so anxious when i make these .. why? ?? ? ?? blah blah blah i'm ending this here i hope u have a good day

(i hid all of my old posts they r embarassing and shall remain in the void)

posts from 2018 till 9/2021 have been hidden because they're dumb!