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I am currently living at: Texas
Age: 18
Number of pics: 9

I can be reached with:

AOL IM : CombatBaby00
Yahoo! : I_LuVv_LC
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wazzup... i'm bryce. i am 18.. also a senior in highschool. i like boys ... haha. i'm into computers and video games. i play counter-strike a lot.. if u wanna play it with me, im me and i'll give u my steam name.

things i like: nice ppl, the matrix, taking pictures, the sims, half-life, cool ppl, talking 2 ppl on aim, listening to music, my nokia, clubbing, html..

things i hate: fake pics, posers, country music, religion.. but i respect ur views, ppl who hate someone bc of their race, sex, orientation etc, assh0Les, when u go 2 a club and no one is there...

my best friends:
amy - bR4tcORE
taylor - GrXy.ScaLe
mark - pR0mcRee
jayce - aM3ThXyCe

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