fair warning... i'm a cringey ass teenager LMAO

chillin .. juulin - march 26th, 2019

hello, it's been a hot minute since i've done much w/ my site! there's been a lil goin on lately, I applied to cinemark and they called me yesterday and they're gonna call back 2 make a time for an interview, i'm excited!! I recently got my own bank acc and debit card too. It's weird having my own money (social security check until i graduate), it's a huge responsibility that I need to handle with caution. .. and ya... anyways..... spring break was really fun, i just went out a lot. I went to hookah bars, houston, and katy. I also got a hookah from this lady that's living w/ my dad bc i mentioned how I love them, she's great. She's an old friend of my dad and ever since she moved in w/ him the house has been CLEAN AND DECORATED!!!! I LOVE IT!! LMao, they also get along so well!! It's so good to see my dad get along w/ someone so well and it's someone who gets him and his history, being a disabled Iraq war vet and all. I'm so happy for him! hmm.. well .. dats about all the bullshitz i have in my brain to type out :-P hav a gr8 day bitch ♥

going clubbing tonite! ... again - march 8th, 2019

helloooooooooo. MAN today has been great, sorta. So today is Friday and it is the start of spring break! after I write this blog I must do my yearly spring break ritual which is to play and complete Counter-Strike Condition Zero's single player mode. I love that game so much, mainly because it's from the early 2000's and i feel a lot of nostalgia when i play. I feel that way with Half-Life 2 as well, I love Valve games so much. Anyways, the reason today is SORTA great is bc my boyfriend is spending spring break on a europe trip and he left 2day :-( how sad. He betta not fall in love with some european man and leave me 2 live in europe and have a europe life in europe, LMFAO. I'm kidding, I trust him. Ahhh also i'm going to Numbers tonight!!! I need to figure out what to wear aNd get gas!!! fukk. Idk i'm just ready to dance and make new friends!!! hell yeah! Hmm... Oh!! my photography teacher brought a BUNCH of old vhs tapes to school and i got like 8 (including dazed and confused!!!!) and i'm gonna bingewatch em all during spring break! I love Vhs tapes. :-) ... welllll i think that is all going on with me, i really wonder if anyone reads these. Idk like I understand none of this is important or .. interesting AT ALL.. (i probably repeat myself a lot) but it feels good to have a place to write shit out. I use to archive my site constantly and I know i'm going to LOVE to look back and read these when i'm 30 and CRINGE at how obnoxious I was (am?) .. idk. if you do read these, thank u for being interested in what I have 2 say? love u and have a good ass day B-)

i wanna go 2 Silent Hill - march 4th, 2019

Hey :-) So i've been playing a ton of silent hill lately, specifically the 1st 4 games. I recently replayed SH1 and decided to ... legally ... download SH3 & 4 on my PC! (I already had SH2). I finished Silent Hill 3 twice last week, and played and completed Silent Hill 2 yesterday, I got the Leave ending. Silent hill 2 is a beautiful masterpiece, i don't think the end of a game has ever made me cry as much a this one. I'm currently playing SH4 and I love it! I've loved silent hill since I was 9, and know the whole storyline, but i've never sat down and completed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones! anyways... I bought and rolled my first blunt last night which was really cute. It was some tropical flavor idk I was high when I bought it LMAO, it tasted so good! Uhh i don't think I have much more 2 ramble abt thx 4 reading this if u did.. yknow. have a great day!! :-)

spookhouse headquarters - march 2nd, 2019

Hello! So much has been happening lately. I spent the last few weeks havin manic episodes and finally started opening up 2 the people i love about everything i've been feeling, which helped a lot. Something that bothers me a lot is that i allow myself to view myself so negatively solely based on what other people say about me, it's my biggest flaw. I have to keep telling myself that I am not a bad person. I have made many mistakes, and have hurt many people while showing no empathy for my actions. But i do care about the way i've made people feel, i'm still learning from my mistakes, and that does not make me a bad person. I forget that a lot. I frequently feel like i don't have the right to say that I am so much as a decent human being and that I deserve all the bullshit, but I don't. No one does. I still struggle w/ understanding this myself, and can be quite hypocritical at times, but I want to grow as a person, and be a good friend. Idk, anyways, the opening night for the art show i am in was last night! It's in the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and will be until May! It was so surreal seeing something I spent so much effort on be so well appreciated, i am forever grateful. ♥ I went to #'s afterwards and danced from 9PM to 2AM and got busy bee (a 24 hour diner type place) at 3AM. It was so much fun! I got to sit in the smokers section while I ate and it felt so wrong smoking inside of a building LMAO. I've met so many good people lately, I feel content with my life as of now. I hope you're doing great, and that you're life is full of happiness b/c everyone deserves it. That's all on my mind right now i guess.. have a good day. :-)

what a weekend! - february 24th, 2019

hiii :-)) so it's sunday and i've just been playing silent hill 3 all day, it's such a good game. i went to numbers last night w/ my friend reese and they were having some gothic banquet but it was pretty dead LMAO. we met a fun group of people though so that was cool. yesterday was also amy's 21st bday party!! it was so much fun!! we were drankin and i got a lil drunk for a bit, i had a good time B-) omg ... so i applied for my first job on friday. my friend ashlyn is an usher at a cinemark theatre nearby and i've been talking to her about what her job is like and i was really interested so i applied! i hope i get the job :-) i need a job man!! if i don't get this job i'll probably try applying somewhere else because i'm ready 2 start earning my own money!! life is so crazy!! tomorro is amy and my bf's bday! my bf turns 18, it's so wild.. everything's changing so much!! i'm nervous but uhh ready for the future! idk... thats all B-) bye thank u 4 reading ♥

i still wish it was 2001 - february 17th, 2019

helloo. it is currently 10:28pm and it's sunday. I had school off friday and have 2morro off and i love ittt. i've gotten 2 SLEEP!! anyways.. i've been listening to music and downloading a ton of background tiles for the past few hours and i'm enjoying myself. yesterday i went to an escape room with my boyfriend and some friends and it was so much fun!! it was in Kemah (texas) and it was called Studio99 and the theme was new years eve 2000 which i loved!! we had to set up our nightclub before an hour went by and we failed LMAO. it was still a lot of fun!! afterwards we went to this place called tookies and i got chili cheese fries and they were fuckin GREAT. lmaooo... uhh anyways.. OHMY GOD SO i went to mcdonalds with my boyfriend the other day and i was going to pull out of a kroger parking lot while on my way home when this truck pulled up next 2 me and started HONKING and it was an old man who was YELLIN "HEY!! HEY!!! ROLL DOWN UR WINDOW!!!" and kept making hand motions tryin to get me to roll down my windows and... my DUMB ASS.. so i watch a lot of road rage compilations on youtube and THAT WAS THE FIRST THING I THOUGHT ABT AND I WAS LIKE OHHH NO and I JUST IGNORED HIM LKMSdgfisg BUT.. anyways, right before i skrted away he yelled "yOU NEED AIR IN YOUR TIRE" ... ... LMFAO. I WAS OVER HERE THINKing i was about to be fucking ATTACKED rOAD rage compilations style BUT HE WAS TRYING TO HELP ME. ohhh man.. turns out i had a screw in my tire but got it changed shortly afterwards... FUCK. i felt so bad LMAO i'm so dumb sometimes!!! ... (all the time) .. ok well thas all i have 2 say i guessss have a good day thx 4 reading if u did byE!

going clubbing tonight! - february 1st, 2019

today is a great day :-) i'm sitting in 4th period rn listening to mariah carey and thinking about throwing my azz back tonight at Numbers! me, amy, and tay are going and we're meeting one of amys friends there and we're gonna throw it DOWN. fuck man, i'm so excited. i need a night out! i'm so ready to bop to 80's jams :-P anywayz sooooo i've been jus kickin it still lately. playin games, smoking, surfing the web, etc etc. i had a precal test yesterday and we finished it today but me and one of my group members just juuled and let this sophomore finish it :-) LMAO. it's not that i was being lazy, i just do not understand precal in the least bit. it helps to go to tutoring and get 1 on 1 help but i can't expect 2 learn everything that way cuz my teacher can only do so much... idk. y'all i need a FUCKIN haircut. i look like a fucking hobo or some shit.. homo.. somethin.. LMAO. ahhhhhhhhhh, i'm so happy. i love being alive. :-) i love my friends so so so so much. so happy. well,, thats all i can think to tip tap type abt ... thanx 4 reading if u did, ilysm.. bye :-)

just ate sum cheddar and sour cream chips - january 30th, 2019

HELLO. i'm back with my ex. teehee. that happened this past week. AGH, life is so crazy!!! i need to get my shit together and apply for scholarships but i'm such a lazy piece of shiiiiiiiit LMAO. all i've been doing lately is playing on my PS2 and The Sims, i've been so unproductive. speaking of being unproductive i'm going clubbing again this friday :-) i'm honestly hooked. all i do is dance my fucking ass off (after smokin sum w33d) to great 80's music and have fun!!! amy & tay might go w/ me but if worst comes to worst i'll just go alone and have a good time and meet people! i can handle being by myself, i'm sure i'd be awkward as hell BUT once the night goes on and everyone is dancing i won't care i'm just there to dance and enjoy myself! idk. bleh. i spent most of last night playing mortal kombat armageddon and i unlocked a ton of shit like maps and costumes for me and taylor to mess with after school today:-) i'm so excited. OH OMG ALSO, i started watching sex and the city and IM OBSESSED!! it's such a great show. uhh.. i think that's all i have to ramble about thank you for reading if u did lov u bye :-)

a distant echo... the city streets are clear tonight - january 16th, 2019

hiii :-) so i'm in second period which is my government class which is all done on laptops so uh i guess i can update the site in here lmaoooo... it's wednesday and things are going pretty good. i went to a local video game store last week and bought an extra ps2 controller and Tekken 5 & Tekken Tag Tournament 1 which brings me back to my childhood!!! me and taylor have been hanging out all week, smoking weed and playing tekken and the sims 2 together on my ps2 haha, it's been so much fun. we went to that video game store again earlier this week and i bought Mortal Kombat Armageddon WHICH IS SO MUCH FUN. me and taylor have been fighting NONSTOP hahaha its so much fun!!! my favorite character is Li Mei b/c she was my favorite in one of the Gameboy Advance MK games! gah what else, i'm going clubbing again this weekend with taylor and our old friend we reconnected w/ this year, reese. i'm really glad i made amends with her, it feels so good to clear up bullshit :-) I might be going to houston TWICE (once for da club duh) because my friend Mya invited me and taylor to go to houston w her and her friends which i'm hoping works out!! it would be so much fun. anyways bleh im rambling cuz there is SO MUCH happening... omg... i really wanna go to 4th period so i can make art ugh.... i honestly dont kno why i put so much effort into updating this blog LMAO i really dont think anyone reads these... but i mean it makes me feel nice to think someone cares about what i'm thinking about, idk. I think everyone would like for someone to care about what's going on in their head. anyways, i should do my work haha. will update the site later uhh thank you for reading if u did.. <3

baked...chillin.. - january 8th, 2019

helllooo. so it's 8:17 pm and i'm currently watching some YT video about degrassi lmfaooo. sooo i went to new mexico!! it was so much fun. i got to see my mom and lil brother, smoke legal weed (i was RIGHT by colorado), ride the polar express train in durango, and get a lot of my stuff back! the car ride there and back was sooo long though, it was like 15 hours. ahh omg, it's 2019 now. wow. i can't believe i graduate in only a few months! anyways.. i did a ton of online shopping when i was in new mexico and IT WAS LIKE ANOTHER CHRISTMAS WHEN I GOT HOME LMAO. though i only got some cheap things like a dELiA*s bag, skittles chapstick (lipsmackers of course), a GTA:LCS poster, a happy bunny bag (along w/ a pin, magnet, air freshener, and keychain), a von dutch trucker hat... etc etc. idk. cute stuff!! oooh i've also been using a dab pen quite a lot lately and MAN.... i've been missing out holy shit. perfect shleep LMAO. hmmm... being 18 is rllllly weird. being able to buy my own 18+ items and go to 18+ places is really new and so much fun, i love it. LMAO ok so i wrote all of that then started playing on my ps2 and forgot to finish this. i was playing enter the matrix :-))) ok well its 11:01 pm now so uh ima go 2 bed LMAO. seeya :-P

i'm barely legal!!! 18!!! - december 17th, 2018

hello :-)) this will be my first blog i write being 18 years old. holy shit man, friday was so much fun. so i went to that club in houston called numbers with taylor b/c amy couldn't come :-( and we went from 9pm - 1am. we had so much fucking fun. i took taylor to the middle of the dancefloor and made her dance with me and I WAS GETTING DOWN LMAOOO. they played such good music!!! like depeche mode, blondie, new order, etc i was living. we got highhhh as fuck first which made it 10x better. AH OMH also!!! i got the Oculus Go for my birthday!!!! i'm OBSESSED with it!! virtual reality is so fucking cool. all i've really been doing is playing social games, meeting people, and watching youtube vids. god .. idk. i'm just so so so happy these days!! i'm glad to be 18 and having fun! i'm still trying to get used to the fact that i'm not a minor anymore and like i can (somewhat) do as i please w/o having to worry abt what older adults in my family have to say. i can finally be an exotic dancer now.... teehee. LMAO. ahhh... idk what else to write i jus had to update my site and reset my timer which is now counting down to graduation... hoOF.. i can't believe my life is about to start. everything is changing so fast and idk if i'm ready for it. this week is the last week before christmas break! it's our finals week. i was supposed to have my 3rd period (forensics) final but like half of the class is failing so my teacher said uhhhh ... nevamind. i'm going to new mexico on saturday!!! i'm so excited :-)) i'm debating on if i should bring my PC or not... i prob will cause i'll want to be able to play video games and update my site! oh shit also: i got to go to a mexican food place for my bday which i've never been to before and honestly my white ass wanted chilis instead but das ok i went there last year LMAO. they sang happy bday to me before smearing whipped cream all over my face haha, i loved it. i'll prob post pix in my pix section from my bday but knowing my pothead ass i probably will forget haha. ahhh anyways i think that's all i have to ramble about now thank u for reading if u did luv u bye :-)

it's my birthday week :-) - december 11th, 2018

ahhh hi!! i turn 18 in 3 days!! i'm so excited! i'm so glad that my bday is on a friday this year cuz i get to go out and shitt. me, taylor, and amy are all gonna go to this club in houston that i like called Numbers. on fridays they have 80's night where they play a bunch of 80s music and vids and its so much fun! i'm sooo excited to go again. we're gonna get high as fuk and mayybeee get a lil bitty bit of vODKA! god it's gonna be so much fun. (and we aren't stupid no drinkin and driving we kno how to control ourselves) agh man. time goes by so so SO fast!! soon i'll be graduating high school and starting college... fuk. i'm not ready to grow up. anywayss life is still pretty much the same borin old thing. i got suuuuper high last night and played a ton of Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike source i wish i could be doin that instead of sitting in class, which i'm doing rn. i've been thinking a lot lately about how i'm really obsessed with time, memories, and the past and man.. i'm REALLY going to miss this decade. the 2010's have been the CRAZIEST decade of all time in my opinion (even tho the only 2 decades i've lived thru were the 2000's and this one LMAOO). i mean really tho, the 10's were fucking wild. like... this was the decade of exposing people, shootings and attacks, being under the presidential administration of a lying man-child, being able to access information and news very quickly with social media, and just.. a decade of self-reflection. by that last one i mean people are more honest and open about themselves and what they go through (and the media is more open to care about that stuff) which wasn't really a thing back then. i mean, look back to as recent as 2007 and how the media / world handled britney spears' breakdown. treating people nowadays the way she was treated is pretty much unnacceptable. idk. i'm not too sure what i'm tryna say LMAO this decade was just INTENSE. lmao AH well i need to work on a AP design project so ima cut this short i'll prob write again on my bday have a gr8 day luv u if u read this bye :-)))

IT'S THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! - december 3rd, 2018

hello!! it's finally december!!! i'm currently listening to age of consent by new order, sitting in 4th period. today's going really well :-) so the reason i'm sOOOooOO happy that it's december is because i consider december to be my happy month! my birthday is on the 14th, i LOVE christmas, the cold is so nice (sometimes), and going back to christmas.. the smells, the decorations, the music, the FEELING(s)!!! fuck!!! i know i've said this before i just cant reiterate enough how much christmas means to me!! i love the holidays so so so so much. AGH. anyways, i got to go to a christmas parade in my town the other night and it was so nice! they were throwin out candy and shit it was so fun. alsooo, a weird lil thing i have, my favorite christmas song is The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole and i refuse to listen to that song except for during December 1st - January 1st. it's like a weird tradition i made for myself in 2015/2016. idk. anyways, life is goin pretty decent nowadays. doin the same as alwayss.. it's monday tho.. bleh. i got to go to the mall friday with my friend mariah and that was a lot of fun:-) i got some new warm clothes for when i go to new mexico this month :-)) I'm going from likeee the 22nd to January 5th ish... idk. i'm so excited to see my mom and little brother!! i havent seen them in over a year nor have i had a actual conversation with them since Christmas 2016.. so yeah... i'm excited. it's gonna be like a 9/10 hour DRIVE THOUGH. UGH. plus, what makes it better, my step-dads EX WIFE is taking me along with my stepsisters!! imagine how fucking awkward it is spending that much time with my STEPDADS EX WIFE. WAT. LMAOOOO. agh... i'm so ready for christmas :-) allllright well i think that is all i have to say for noww thank u if you read all of this and have a nice ass day B-)

it's almost the christmas season :-) - november 26th, 2018

hiiii... omg. it's almost december!! there are currently 18 days until i'm 18 which is fuckin wild! i also just love christmas more than anything else and the holiday season makes me so happy. i'm so fuckin ready for christmas decorations, lights, winter smells in candles and room sprays, gift giving, the cold, and just .. AH. EvErYtHiNG!!! i'm a holly jolly ass bitch. OMG SO ANYWAYS HAHA I BOUGHT A FUCKING JUUL. yeah. i hopped right on that teenage bandwagon and HONESTLY... love it. it's a lot better than smoking cigs in my opinion. which i am choosing to not smoke as much bc i have a juul now! which has been working pretty well :-) ooh i also FINALLY got a new sims game!! I got the Get Famous expansion pack! I love it so much. The Sims 3 Late Night was the first sims 3 EP that i bought back in like 2010/2011 and i've loved the sims celebrity shit ever since.. so much fun. bleh anyways it's monday... ugh. it's our first day back from thanksgiving break which was all of last week. i miss it alreadyy. i think the best part of the break was spending the night with my boyfriend for the first time in forever, i had so much fuckin fun! he's so amazing! i'm so in love.. i also got to spend the night with my friends the other night, i was w/ Taylor and an old friend who recently moved back to my town, Mya, and we were also w/ her boyfriend. it was a ton of fun! we just smoked a lot and watched funny shit online and made dumb ass jokes with each other haha. hmm.. i cant think if there's anything else i can ramble abt or if thats it.. uhhh.. idk i guess that's all i have to say for now :-) thank u for reading if u did i highly doubt strangers are sitting down and reading all this useless information about my insignificant life LMAOOO but hey it's nice to think people do.. anyways.. till next time :-))

dOnT fUcK mE lIkE i'M yOuR wIfE - november 13th, 2018

hayyy.. wazzup. i'm in 5th period right nowww and it's cold as FUCK. i live in texas and it always blows ppls minds when they hear it gets cold in texas LMAO. it was sleeting (or is it pronounced raining sleet? i have no clue.) earlier and it fucking hurt to get rained on haha. it's so fuckin cold outside it HURTS. soo this past weekend i went on a field trip to houston! it was so much fun. I went to the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern which is this HUGE room that looks like an old cathedral type thing. there was a huge ass echo in it and its like ... 90+ years old. you can see information on it HERE. we also got vietnamese food which was fuckin GREAT, i had beef fried rice and it's now my new favorite food ever. we also went to a comic book store where i got a poster from The Matrix and a cute lil bell shaped like pikachu that goes on a keychain. oh i'll be uploading pictures of the field trip onto the "Pix" link on my main page sometime so if you want to see pics from that day you can :-). the last place we went to was the Glenwood Cemetery which you can get more info on HERE. it was sooo big and so beautiful, i took a ton of pics. well i guess that's all i have to write about thanks for reading if u did love u! bye :-)

helloOOOOooo... - november 4th, 2018

hey to whoever is reading this! today is a sunday and i've jus been hangin out in my room all day. I just went to popeyes and got me some chicken tenders and they gave me 4 instead of 3 i'm livingg... lmfaooooo.. bleh idk what to write about, today / this weekend has been kinda boring i spent most of it in my room on my computer. i guess i'll walk u thru today.. i woke up at like 9am and waited for my grandparents to leave for church at around 11 so i could run outside and smoke a ciggie (even tho they kno i smoke..) and a joint and it was nice. i cleaned my room and put away some clothes i dont wear anymore.. uhhh i played a lot of counter-strike 1.6 and counter-strike source this weekend. i'm obsessed with old valve games. i recently made a new youtube video, its a fan music vid for the recent song 1999 by charli xcx. you can watch it by clicking HERE. ummm while cleaning my room i found an old polaroid pic of me which u can look at by clicking HERE. it's from early this year, aka another damn time tbh. (peep tana mongeau in the back... i think thats how u spell her name..) uhhhh anyways i think thats all i have to ramble about ima go have a drink and play some garrys mod goodbyee :-)

In mY rEstlEss drEAms.. - october 30th, 2018

hello :-) i'm currently at lunch or "power hour" at my school. it's an hour of lunch / other shit that you'd like to do on your own but they're most likely taking it away soon lmaooo. I usually stay in my 5th period editing this site during that hour. Which is what i'm doing now haha. Sooo tomorrow is Halloween which is uhh cool i guess? idk my favorite holiday is Christmas i don't really care about halloween tbh. i've way outgrown trick or treating but my bf wants to and its like .... I would bc its the last year that i feel it's ... maybe ... acceptable for someone my age (17) to do still??? idk. i'm more leaning towards i want to stay home and that's probably what's gonna happen because i don't rlly wanna trick or treat. ummm, today is Taylors (my bff) 18th bday!!! which is so awesome. I only have a lil over 1 month till i turn 18 i'm excited :-))) legal ciggies and ... that's it. LMAO. all thats going to change when im 18 is that im gonna be the one buying cigarettes instead of having 18+ ppl do it for me. ummm well i think that's all i have to say for now uhh i'm going to a thrift store after school with mark then i'm going home, smoking a fat bowl and MAYYBEEE havin a lil drink, then i'm playing The Matrix: Path Of Neo, which is my favorite matrix game. well uh, thank u for reading if u did ,, have an amazing day i luv u! <3

lYfE UpdAtE... - october 23rd, 2018

hoooooof.... helloo, life is crazy rn. so it's currently tuesday at 10:49AM and i'm in 4th period, which is Advanced Photography. whenever i go home today i'll be home alone until Thursday which i'm pretty excited for. the reason i'm going to be alone is because uhh idk how to write this so i guess i'll just be frank, it's likely that my grandpa is going to pass away soon. he has a bad blood clot in his heart and if it like opens (or whatever the term is) he will have a heart attack and uhh... yeah... the past week has been really heavy. my grandma seems to repress her emotions to try and make it through the day which must be so exhausting, i can't imagine how she's feeling. but anyways, they're driving to i think dallas? (i can't remember) to visit his brother and a few close friends of his just in case its .. ykno.. the last time. this is all a lot to take in, bleh. well if u are still reading i'll get outta the sad shit. last night i spent 3 hours making a gift for my lovely boyfriend annnnnd uhhhh i hope he rlly liked it cuz i put sooo much effort into it, i burned a CD with songs that mean a lot to me and painstakingly spent 3/4 hours hand writing the lyrics because they're all deep and meaningful or whatever. idk we're teenagers we're young in luv it's cute haha. well uhh it's 5th (AP Design) and my friend wants me to help her photograph so i'll update y'all again soon. thank u for reading if u did have an amazing day!!!

i miss my gameboy - october 19th, 2018

hello to whoever is reading this, i hope u are having a nice day. I finally finished my website that i was making to enter into that art show and i'm pretty proud of it ( please check it out :-) i took and passed the driving test i mentioned before and the SAT went really well surprisingly LMAO. i'm not sure what i wanna talk about but i wanted to give this website more attention since i've been neglecting it for my other oneeee ughh i guess i'll tell u what i've been up to lately. i've been getting used to driving and recently drove myself to Galveston, Texas which is about uhhh 30-40 mins away from my town? idk. it was so much fun, there's not a better feeling than being able to drive and be alone even though all i do is smoke and talk to myself LMAO. I drove to Rosharon the other day to pick up my lovely friend Amy from babysitting and she came over and we ate cornbread and soup. we also smoked the good and watched crime documentaries and dr phil, it was so much fun. i cherish those moments so much! today is friday and there was a pep rally at school that i skipped to watch the simpsons in my 4th period lmfaoo. idk what more to ramble about haha.. idk.. life is so good. things are a bit stressful right now but everything will be okay, because things always end up okay no matter what. uh. idk what else to say or how 2 end this so this is the end of my rambles goodbye have a great day

wazzup bitchez - october 2nd, 2018

holy shit life is wild. i kinda stopped working on this site for a while to focus on a website i'm making for a local art show; which to be honest i don't have high hopes for but if all goes wrong, I plan on submitting some old art to just try my luck cuz why not? idk. my personal life is a wild ass bitch. not really but kinda. i've been tryin to get myself together / my life in check and it's going really well. I take my (2nd because my 3rd brake light was out the first time LMAO) driving test on October 10th, I take the SAT this Saturday on the 6th (and will probably take it again which i think will be in december? idk i'm not that bright i'll probably have to retake it ... LMFAO), and I am going to be working as a busser at a local restaurant because of my lovely best friend Taylor. I could've easily gotten the job last week but i panicked and declined the offer for now (LIKE A DUMBASS) but literally the only bullshit excuse i can muster up is "iM nOt DriIiIiViNg!1!" .. smh. it's all good though because the manager is related to her so I can get the job when i'm ready!! (aka when i stop makin bs EXCUSES to WORK...!!!) bleh. lastly i've been hanging out with some interesting new but not really new people lately that i used to dislike because of ... misleading information and its been really good! i guess that's all the useless information i have to say, thank u for reading if u did, i know some of you can't resist. have a nice day and uhh bye..

shitwriting while stoned - september 17th, 2018

so it's like 4:16pm, it's mondayy.. i'm sick. bleh. everytime i cough my back itches and that's fun. i'm rlly boreddd but browsing neocities is fun. i love this site so much. i'm currently trying to decide whether i want to play Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike Source ... today has gone by really fast. i haven't really done much but gone to school and work on this website. i've been on the phone with one of my old friends that I knew my sophomore year at Katy High School for the past hour and am really glad that we're catching up. all that's planned for the rest of my day is uhh... eating, going walking, then taking a fat ass nap until 5AM b/c school. idk who cares i doubt anyone reads this :-P

first post, a lil about me - september 14th, 2018

hello! if you're reading this, thank you for visiting my web space! i was born in 2000 in california, i was raised and live in texas. i'm currently a senior in high school and i have an intense obsession with the 2000's! i'm so glad i stumbled upon this site because growing up i loved to browse through geocities and am sad that it isn't around anymore. :-( i feel so unfortunate to have missed fully experiencing the early days of the web when no one knew what was going on, websites were FUN and creative, and we had really weird ass terms for everything that had to do with computers. i do feel lucky to at least live in a time where we love to look back and can easily relive the 2000's a decade later! some of my favorite items i own are from the past, like my 1997 computer monitor, my DVD/VHS playing box tv (which i looove.), and all of my flip phones, digital cameras, and cd players. lol anyways, i guess that's all i have to say for now. if you're interested in seeing who i am, here is my instagram: @myspaceheroin / @coldheart2000 / @myspaceheroinart