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Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - 7:00 PM
× subject: rambling again
× mood: Stoned
× music: Scream - Punkinloveee (listen)

hey. i haven't updated this shit in forever, it's been almost 6 months or somethin.

i have been super busy after i sold my soul to colonel sanders last november

i do drive-thru morning shifts (10:30am - 4pm) and get paid $8 an hour. it's been a nice first job. i get along with all of my co-workers which makes working there a lot easier, most of them are people i know from high school. customers can be a pain in the ass sometimes but most people are pretty fuckin cool. i live in texas though so none of these morons wear masks.

man.. it really has been a while since i've blabbed about bullshit 2 the wurLd wide w3b. i started writing my thoughts down on mspaint so that i could also draw and add images and shit. i might as well start uploading them here so i can give myself a reason 2 take care of this site. i suck at keeping up with things. i think i'll make a seperate page where i can just dump all of my mspaint doodlez and add a link to them at the top of this page.

i never know what 2 say... always get so anxious when i make these .. why? ?? ? ?? blah blah blah i'm ending this here i hope u have a good day

(i hid all of my old posts they r embarassing and shall remain in the void)