Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 11:18 PM
× subject: Smoking & listening to music on my iPod
× mood: Happy
× music: Low Place Like Home - Sneaker Pimps (listen)

Hello! I hope you're well. I'm doing okay, pretty good. I'm sitting at my computer listening to music on my iPod and smoking some weed before I play games with Taylor in a bit. Uhhh... I decided to scrap the fuckin' layout I've been using here cuz I'm inconsistent. Anyways, I haven't been doing shit. I'm ready for the whole Coronavirus situation to be over with but I'm also digging the opportunity to isolate myself 24/7.

SO I got an iPod recently! It's a 2nd generation iPod nano & it looks like this:

I bought it for like $20 on eBay. I'm obsessed with it, I've been taking it with me everywhere I go. It's loaded w/ a little over 300 of my favorite songs, all of them... acquired... purchased.. legally... and not by converting Youtube vids to MP3... of course not. ANYWAYs it's good cuz I can have all the music that isn't on Apple music like Aaliyah & Slyder & a ton of other artists I love.

Hmm.. I don't really have much to write about, the only reasons I've left my house during all of this is to buy weed and nicotine. Hahahaha, I bought some weed sometime last week or somethin' with Amy and when we walked into the apartment of her friend that was selling to us, the guy who took my virginity was just there, chillin. I was standing there in my black Juicy tracksuit with my purse in one hand and iPod in the other like:

LMFAO. It was so awkward. A couple days ago I was buying weed w/ Amy again from the same person & me and Amy were on our way to my bank, joking about that situation, when I turn a corner and the guy was riding his bike down the street. We started screaming at the top of our lungs, it was so fucking hilarious.

Ohhoo that's enough out of me, Taylor is free 2 game. I will write again uhh soon or something, I hope you have a good day / night! ♥ See ya.

"Treat your life like a tragedy, self-inflict abuse. Treat your life like a tragedy, precious else to choose. Crucify yourself. I'll bet you find yourself in a low place like home."

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 2:18 PM
× subject: Took LSD, entered The Matrix
× mood: Stoned
× music: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys (listen)

  I'm liking how I organized my last post so I think I'm going to continue doing it like that.   I hope you're doing well! To be honest I have not existed these past few days, LMAO.  My brain feels like scrambled eggs. I also discovered that I have a deep love for  vanilla honey bunches of oats cereal... yum. Anyways, here's what I did this weekend:

Friday: Played The Sims 2 all day and went to Numbers (duh ) with Amy and Kiersten.

Saturday: I woke up feeling like shit because I was hungry so I texted Amy and we went to Burger King. While we were there we started talking about Build-A-Bear and spontaneously decided to go to the mall and buy one. I got a teddy bear and Amy got a rabbit, I named mine Mr. Pickles and he smells like cupcakes. It was so much fun. Here's some pix from that day:

Sunday: Took LSD for Kiersten & Korrin's birthday with them and Jozelyn. I haven't done it since 2017, it was so much fun. The LSD came in a sour patch kid and I felt it pretty strongly for about 12 hours. The lasting effects didn't wear off until I woke up this morning. There was so much going on, we were all acting like crackheads hahaha. I just remember telling everyone that I was a real estate agent. The funniest moment was when I accidentaly trapped Jozelyn's cat in her pantry. Joz opened the door, the cat bounced out, and she just says "... That's showbiz!". It was so dumb but I was on the kitchen floor crying in laughter. Here's some pix from that night:

Monday: I didn't sleep from Sunday - Monday so those days kinda blended into one. At like 7AM I started watching New York Goes to Work on youtube and finished the entire first season around 10AM and decided to go home after that. Walking outside was like leaving the vault in Fallout 4. I had to get my eyes checked at 4PM so I slept for a couple hours until I had to get ready, I felt disconnected from reality & really depressed. Amy made everything better though, we hung out and she went to my eye appointment with me. Afterwards we went to a small get together / bbq thing and I underestimated Jack Daniels as it was my first time trying it and had 3 shots at once. It's safe to say I was actin' a fool. It was a lot of fun though, everyone was so nice and so much fun and there was a ton of good food. I passed out on the couch for like an hour before we left. I got home around 1AM and ate some animal crackers before passing the fuck out.

Today: I was supposed to go to IKEA with my grandparents but my grandpa isn't feeling well. I slept in until 12, took a shower, smoked a bit, now i'm here. Hello. I'm probably just gonna play Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source today, I'm feelin' nostlagic.

Uhhh wellll... that's about all going on right now. I'm gonna go get something to eat, I will update again next week. I hope you have a good day! See ya l8r.

"Oh, there ain't no love, no Montagues or Capulets. Just banging tunes and DJ sets and dirty dance floors and dreams of naughtiness!"

Sunday, March 1, 2020 - 8:49 PM
× subject: my weekend ★
× mood: Feelin' nostalgic
× music: More Than A Woman - Aaliyah (listen)

Hello! I've been updating my website all day and barely got anything done. Where did the time go? Anyways... I had a busy weekend! I've been driving all over the place these past few days. Here's a rundown of what I did:

Friday: I finally got my oil changed. I also went out to lunch with Amy, her mom, and her niece and had a really good time. Afterwards me and friends went to Numbers for Amy's 22nd birthday! Here's a pic from that night:

Saturday: I slept over at my friend Andi's house in Katy. We drank wine, hung out, and I got to meet her new baby. I had a lot of fun, it's always a good time when I see her. ♥

Today: I've just been chillin'. Smoking and listening to my favorite songs while working on my webpage. I also started writing random thoughts in a spiral notebook again, I'd like to start doing that more.

That's about all I have to say for right now, not that anyone really cares! I hid all of my old posts from over the past two years but I think I'm going to make a page of old posts that don't make me want to claw my eyes out from embarassment / sadness I'll link it below when / if I do! I hope you're doing well, See ya' L8r.

"Constant pleasure, no scale can measure. Secret treasures, keeps on getting better. Do you wanna roll with me?
We can go to foreign lands, your hand in my hand. Do you wanna ride with me? We can be like Bonnie & Clyde, me by your side."