Saturday, July 3, 2021 - 9:22 PM
× subject: hello
× mood: Chillin' 2 the max
× music: Out Of Control - She Wants Revenge (listen)

*warning: drunk rambling ahead*

LyFe UpdAteZ:

★ I went to Numbers last night with kiersten, here's a pic of me I took b4 going in:

★ I've been working at KFC for 6 or 7 months now and it is hell on earth. I get yelled at by dumbass country morons on a daily basis. There are positives though; I handle confrontation pretty well nowadays, It's easier for me to talk to strangers, I am more ambitious.. sorta... I mean.. Idk if that's the right word. A year ago I was perfectly fine being where I was in life & staying there but now I want to get a better job, find my own place, and make something of myself or somethin idk. I wanna grow up. Not really, but I'm content with the fact that I have to grow up eventually.

★ I've found it easier to be myself and express myself without fear of judgement or guilt lately. I'm getting better at developing a more positive self-image.. I think. I hope. I want to love myself.

★ I started painting my nails black & dyeing my hair black lately & I'm loving it. Living my early 2000's goth vampire fantasy.

★ I've been listening to Snake River Conspiracy and She Wants Revenge on repeat lately.

★ My new favorite cartoon is MTV's Downtown. It was a one season cartoon released in 1999 that follows a diverse cast of characters through their lives in NYC. It's so fucking cool. The art style, the music composed for it, the music featured in it (sneaker pimps, sonic youth, portishead...), the nostalgia, Everything about it is so good. I only watch it when I do acid, I recommend only watching it when you aren't sober or really late at night / early in the morning. It's one of those shows that feels like a fever dream. Whenever I tripped the other night I decided that I HAD to own it on DVD because the episodes that are on youtube are low quality & the music is taken out of some. I stumbled across this blogspot post from 2007 posted by the guy who made the show that has a link to buy it on DVD & I sent $25 without even checking to see if it was legit first... Turns out it is. I got lucky. I got really lucky because they've been selling it since 2007 and I found it in 2021 where his most recent comment (last month) says they only have a few left. I'm so happy.

★ I've developed an addiction for the mobile game Covet Fashion. It reinvigorated my love for fashion games (I grew up on Stardoll). I wish I could be a rich girl so that I could buy all the clothes I own in the game. Kyndra Jade is the brand I'm currently obsessed with. Check out their website here and try to tell me those aren't the most dreamy and beautiful dresses you've ever seen.

★ Some TV shows I've been into lately (other than Downtown) are Beavis and Butt-head, Liquid Television, Daria, and Aeon Flux. I guess I'm going through an MTV phase or somethin.

★ I have started buying old Bratz on eBay b/c of the recent Bratz revival and I NEED MORE BRATZ DOLLS.

That's pretty much it I think, I am preTTy drunk off sum boxed wine and Idk what else 2 talk about! I'm gonna go play GTA 4 for a bit and then go 2 sleep and enjoy my day off tomorro. I hope that you're doing well!