Friday, February 21, 2020 - 11:34 PM

subject: *tAkE mE AwAy*
mood: stoned
music: whatever - iris (listen)

Helloo I'm baked and jammin', havin a good time. An hour ago i was freakin' out on the side of the road LMAO, i got a flat tire again! I was on my way to Kiersten's house when it decided to blow out. We were supposed to go dancin' tonight but fate said hellllll no. My grandma got one of my dad's friends from high school to tow my car back to my house which was fuckin great because my dumb gay ass doesn't know how to change a tire. I was just standing there in my von dutch tank top and juicy couture track pants like :3 hayyyyy thanx :P papi.

Anywaysss... now i'm home.. chillinnn'. Jus kickin' it. I'm gonna go smoke a bit more and play The Sims 1 cuz I downloaded a ton of custom content today that i'm itchin' to play with. I hope you're having a good day / night!

Saturday, February 15, 2020 - 3:08 PM

subject: *wE nEeD a ReSoLuTiOn*
mood: stoned
music: more than a woman - aaliyah (listen)

hiiii. i just got up a lil while ago, i didn't go to sleep until like 4am last night smh. i'm stoned & listening to aaliyah.. chillin.

i had a really good day yesterday! it started off kinda sucky because i woke up feelin sad but then amy came over and brought me gifts & we hung out for a while which made me feel a lot better. we went out to #'s last night and had the best fucking time, it was so much fun. I saw all my friendsss and i met a cute boy that held me in his arms while dancing w/ me and we made out a bunch, it was surreal. i'm not used to affection :-P i enjoyed the fuck outta myself.

ummmm anyways i feel like changing up this page because i'm not digging the design so i think i'ma go do that! i hope you're doing well, see ya l8r B-)