Sunday, July 28, 2019 - 12:48 am

subject: playing The Sims Online
mood: stoned
music: Telephone - Pretty Sick (listen)

wazzuup. I've been playing the sims online for the past few hours. I'm also stooonnneeeddd tee hee. I'm so mad at myself, I wasted ALL of my sims money on building a house and now i'm painting to make money but it's so fucking SLOW. GAH. I love the sims so much, I'm trying to get more involved in TSO. I want to make more friends on there! I've met a ton of kind & interesting people in the past year or 2 of playing. Just earlier I was playing and this girl came to my house and just KISSED ME AND was like "IVE BEEN ROBBED" and then...

I was fucking cackling. So I followed her to the place she "got robbed" at and...

... LMFAO. I proceeded to abandon the girl that got robbed to watch some other girls make out in a hot tub while my sim yelled "WOO HOO!" over and over. (Pic below) Also, the girl that "got robbed" WORKED at the place (it was some sex place? idk.) and TRIED TO SEDUCE ME FOR $30 I WAS SCREAMING. It was so fucking hilarious. I LOVE THE SIMS ONLINE, so much man.

Well ... that's about it for now haha. I hope u have a good day & I'll write again l8r B-)

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 8:33 pm

subject: rambling about the past
mood: okay
music: Forever - Grand Theft Auto 3 (listen)

Hey! I hope you're doing well. The sky looks so pretty right now, this is the view from my window:,-)

So I got LittleBigPlanet 3 for my PS4 last night and it is so much fun!! I used to play LBP2 a lot w/ my friend Darbi back in like 2012 so it's been really nice to experience the game again. I used to invite my internet BF's to my home area in the game and talk to them on voice chat and convince them that I was a girl LMAOOO. I hadn't hit puberty yet so it worked. I used to do that shit a lot, my voice didn't really deepen until I was like 14/15 so bitch I used that to pretend 2 be a GaMeR gRrrL all the time LMFAO. For real though, girls get treated (for the most part, men are creepy.) so much better on online games and I was always jealous of the attention Taylor got when we used to play Xbox Live together so she helped me convince people that I was a girl on voice chat B-)

I was so dumb haha, I mean, I reaaalllyyy wanted to be a girl back when I was like 14-16. I used to buy wigs & do my makeup & take pics and just talk to random guys on MeetMe and Kik like I was a girl... I went thru it. LMAO. Here's a couple pics of me from around that time when I was like 16ish:

I have plenty more pictures LMAO but yeah, YEAH.... That was me.

I plan on totally redesigning my pictures section & adding a lot of new pics because I keep SAYING I will but I never do so... !!!! I gotta get on that.

That's all I really have 2 say right now, I'm gonna smoke and work more on my site :-) I hope you have a gr8 fuckin day, see u around.

Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 6:28 pm

subject: i got nuka cola quantum
mood: good
music: White Rabbit - Airplane Crashers (listen)

Hello!! So i've just been chillin in my room playing video games all day. I was playing Fallout 1 for a few hours earlier then I played GTA San Andreas for a bit. I've had them for years but I haven't actually sat down & played them completely before so i've been havin fun. Speaking of fallout, I bought some Nuka Cola Quantum drink on amazon. I had a $35 gift card from my aunt for graduation so I got that and American Idol for my PS2, along w/ a juul skin teehee. I haven't tried it yet, i'm waiting till I hang out w/ Kiersten & Korrin to try it bc we all were desperately trying to find it when they were first released back when fallout 4 came out i think. It says it's berry lemonade soda, sounds fuckin good.

I went to Numbers on Friday w/ Amy, Kiersten, & Korrin. It was a "salute to 1989" night, it was a lot of fun. I gyrated my naughty bits all over the place LMFAO. I wanna go out to a hookah bar again! It's been a while. I went through a short phase of goin to them a lot and then just stopped. Idk.

That's all that is goin on right now.. I'm probably gonna play some more Fallout 1 cuz talking about it made me wanna play haha. I hope you have a good day!! see ya B-)

Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 11:16 am

subject: feeling a bit sad
mood: could be better
music: Fear of the Dark - Silent Hill (listen)

hey, I hope you're doing well! I've been sitting at my window for like the past hour, smoking and listening to the Silent Hill game soundtracks. I have such a bad feeling, not about anything but just in general. Something is wrong, probably the lack of me taking my medication like a fucking idiot, but something feels off. I don't know... :-/

I don't really want to do much but work on my site and listen to music but I have shit I need to do, fuuuck. I was digging through my email this morning for my acceptance letter to ACC b/c I need it to continue my insurance or however it works, I don't know, and it was giving me a link to set up my student email and shit man. I feel like my sims!! I've been playing SO MUCH Sims 2 lately and have been sending sims to college and now I feel like i'm the sim being sent to college.. b/c I AM.

I wonder how long i'll keep up this site throughout college.. I mean, it's something I truly love to do. I honestly don't think i've ever invested myself into anything as much as I have building mediocre websites. Idk, the plan right now is to continue updating this site as I get older, if not for anyone else then for myself haha. Idk, I don't think the existence of my site is really all THAT important LMAO, I'm no Oprah bitch.

Welllll I don't really have much else 2 say, I'ma go smoke and feel the warm breeze come thru my window :'-) i hope u have a good day!!! see u around ♥

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 5:46 pm

subject: I added more friends to my website!!
mood: hiiiigh
music: I Sit on Acid - Lords of Acid (listen)

wazzup B-) I just updated my friends page so check it out when you get a chance! I'm currently watching the newest Phil DeFranco show and smoking a bowl, chillin. :-) I might go for a walk later, I need to start doing that more. I miss walking around stoned while listening to music. I used to be a risky dumbass and would bring weed w/ me and smoke while walking, though I usually go walking after dark when my town isn't that active so I never had any issue. I need to be more active!! instead of smoking weed and playing games all day!! aghhh!!

tomorrow i'm gonna hang out w/ jayce, jozelyn, kiersten, & korrin. I'm excited! :-) OH also.. If you haven't already, click the link in the post below.. hehe I'm so dumb.

well.. that's all I rlly have 2 say for now, I hope u have a good day & i'll see u l8r.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 2:59 pm

subject: A very special link..
mood: good
music: None

Sunday, July 14, 2019 - 2:23 am

subject: Archiving my thoughts again
mood: stoned
music: Heartbreak - Age of Consent (listen)

hello! i've been downloading sims 2 cc for the past few hours and decided 2 take a break to work on my site :-) I wanted 2 clean up this page so I archived my old posts and linked to them below!

I have a few other things i wanna do.. I need to update my friends section with a few more friendly faces that I love !! ♥ I also wanna change up my main index page .. idk wut to do though. I'm definitely going to keep the myspace layout because I rlly enjoy the way it looks :-)

Sooo I went clubbing friday night w/ Amy, Taylor, and Hailey! It was so much fun!!! I've missed dancing so so much. hehe I always get so into it in the moment (given I am usually high and/or drunk) and looking back on vids and shit I look so dumb!! but honestly, it's fun!! so I don't care if i look like a fuckin idiot :'-)

oh shit, by the way.. I got a baby phat tube top..


well.. that's about it for now i guess... i'ma go and do more stuff around the site so i'll see u l8r :-) have a good day!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - 8:50 pm

subject: I am home! I can work on my site now woo!!!
mood: great!
music: None

Hey everyone!!! Wow, I have so much to talk about!!! I'm prob not gonna write everything here because I bought 5 Sims 4 addons and i'm itching 2 play but .. ya teehee.

I haven't used a computer in so long that i'm like ... wtf is this LMAO. Ahh!! idk where to start. I flew to texas from phoenix today, I spent the last week in Arizona @ my grandparents house. It was nice! I went tubing down a river and shit, haven't done that in like ... 3 years. ...bleh.. I miss my mom a lot :-( I had the best time with her, it was so good.

GOD I feel so out of the loop since i've been gone so long! I'm going to some teen queer night tomorrow at the museum my art was in and i'm excited! I'm also GOIN CLUBBING FRIDAY WOOOOOOOOOO. Can't wait to throw my azzzzzzzz back B-) I bought a Baby Phat tube top that ima wear, i'm so ready :-)

sorry i'm kinda all over the place i am eXHAUSTED and haven't had any ADHD meds in over a month so i'm .. wOO. LMAO. Ahh, I'll write more tomorrow, i'm gonna eat my leftovers from chilis, watch wendy williams, & play the sims!

I hope everything in your life is good, because u deserve it :'-) see u l8r!!

Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 11:38 am

subject: I'm in New Mexico!!
mood: good
music: None

Hello!! I'm updating the site on my tablet since i'm w/o my computer and i'm struggling LMAO. Anywayssss i'm in New Mexico!! I've been here for about a week & it's been pretty good so far :-) I've been hangin out w/ my family, smoking some good ass weed, and playing tekken hahaha.

I don't really have much to talk about teehee i just wanted to update my site! i'm gonna go smoke and play some video games :-) maybe beat my meat idk. I hope u have a good day see u l8r!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 8:07 pm

subject: READ THIS! I wanna link to ppls sites!!
mood: happy
music: Sexotheque - La Roux (listen)

Hey! I was just lookin at my guestbook annnd my most recent comment as of right now (hi if ur reading this :-P) was nice & i decided to look at their site & saw that they linked to my site! (this is wut I saw: LINK)

wow!! it made me so happy :-)) it also made me want to start doing that as well! So, i'm planning on adding a page on here where I link 2 sites I like / nice people and if you want me to link to you, leave a message in my guestbook / my neocities profile!!! I might post about this on my wall so that ppl will see it more? maybe? but idk, I really wanna do it!

I don't think i'll be able to update my site much when i'm in new mexico, since i'll be w/o my PC. I know I can edit it on my phone but it's a lil clunky, so i'll try my best! But yeah...

Okay i'm gonna look around neocities for sites I like to link to, and work on building that page! see ya l8r :-)

Monday, May 27, 2019 - 8:58 pm

subject: i'm out of high school!
mood: good!
music: None

hey!! I haven't updated my site in a bit bc a lot has been goin on but I wanted to post somethin on here :-)

so graduation was on saturday! it was so good! i cried :'-) i went to numbers the night before teehee, it was so much fun! i'm going again on friday w/ amy, tay, and my mom before i leave for new mexico! i'm excited!! so after graduation, my school does this thing called project graduation where on the night after graduation, they take us somewhere and give us free shit. we went to a trampoline park & it was so much fun. we were there from 11pm till 6am. the prize room was so cool, we were given a sticker w/ our name on it and just put it on whatever we wanted! i got a $50 walmart gift card, 2 $30 netflix cards, a $30 spotify gift card, and a tablet!! I am soo thankful.

i just got home from swimming w/ amy & chelsea & hailey & a few others, it was good! i am so tired.. well, i'ma go watch youtube! i hope u have a good day :-)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 4:51 pm

subject: I'm stoned and I bought a Bratz doll
mood: baked, duuude
music: Something Secret Steers Us - HL2 Soundtrack (listen)

wazzuup, i am stoned. I've been working on a forensics project for the past few hours and I decided 2 take a lil break. I might just be high and self conscious but I edited a few blog posts because I feel like i overshare.. or am annoying. Idk, it's not that big of a deal.

i'm gonna be gone for like 30 days this summer... fuk. I'm goin to new mexico / arizona to visit my mom and other grandparents. I'm excited to see them & miss them but I just don't like the thought of being gone for so long... bleh. i'll get over it.

one thing I am really nervous about is that i have to fly home. i'm getting there by car but my mom won't take me back (UNTIL AUGUST??!?!?!?!), so i'm going to arizona w/ my grandparents after 4th of july and flying back on the 10th. I haven't flown since I was 15 and I for some reason have grown an irrational fear of planes & flying since then... lovely. i'm lucky to be able 2 get a flight back anyways so.. i'll shut up abt it.

i impulsively bought an $8 Bratz doll on ebay LMAO. i'm excited to get it! i'ma set it up somewhere in my room to add to the 2000's vibe or whatever B-)

ok well i'm gonna finish my project now so uh sEE ya L8r , hope u have a good day :-)

Monday, May 20, 2019 - 11:09 am

subject: I wanna visit Liberty City
mood: Nostalgic
music: Hearts And Crosses - Heavenly (listen)

hello! It's my last week of school!! I graduate on Saturday... This is CRAZY, this year went by so fucking fast. I've been looking back, and I built this website around the start of this year and it has changed so much! Thankfully I regularly archive the site as I build it so I can look back on old versions and this was the first version of my site from September 2018:

Man, my HTML skills have gotten a lot better since then hahaha.

Monday, May 13, 2019 - 12:48 pm

subject: it's the last day for my AP portfolio :-)
mood: happy
music: Combat Baby - Metric (listen)

heyy to whoever is readin this! hope you're doing well :-)

so my 5th period is AP design, which is a class where we spend the year building a portfolio of 24 images to submit to the college board for a grade which gives u college credit! Friday was supposed to be the day we turn in the portfolios but it stormed Thursday & school got cancelled. (my power also went out for 2 days lmfaoooo..) Anyways, we instead are turning them in today! I just got mine done and it's such a relief to not worry about it anymore!!

anyways, this is considered our AP test so i'm spending the whole day in this class jus on the computer teehee. I've been making my own custom Dollz outfits and such... just chillin. I'm so bored! I wanna go home, smoke a bowl, and play Tekken 7!! O- my teacher is calling us all up 2 the front I will finish this in a bit...

Ok hello it's now 1:25 and we just got our portfolios set up & did a lil toast w/ apple juice!! it was so cute, i'm gonna miss this class a lot... :-( well.. anyways, I have a bit of time before I can go home @ 1:51 so i'ma uhhh juul and fuck around, I hope you have a good day!!! see ya l8r

Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 4:21 pm

subject: i got tekken 7!!
mood: stoned
music: nothin

Helllllllooooooo :-) AH I am so fucking happy rn!!! I just spent the day shopping w/ my aunt cuz I had to buy clothes for graduation and sHe ToOk Me To GaMeStoOoP AHH. LMFAO. I feel like a kid! I haven't been to gamestop in sooo long.. except this time I was buyin the games myself which felt cool. I got Tekken 7 (FUCK YES) and Mortal Kombat XL which is just MK10 but w/ all the addons or whateva. I'm currently waiting for Tekken to get ready so I can spend all day playing it :-))

I love tekken so much. The first tekken game I played was Tekken 5 and i've been obsessed w/ the series ever since! (Lili & Nina are my fave characters) My aunt was actually the one who bought me Tekken 5 when I was little! at gamestop too lmao. So being there w/ her today, years later while buying Tekken 7 was like a lil aw :'-) moment.

man i'm rlly stoned.. Feelin good. Happy! i'm pretty happy. sorta. LMFAOOO. Like i'm GOOD.. but if I think about it too much I really aint good... yknow? LMFAO. Anyways... I have about an hour left before tekken is done uh doin whatever its doin .. updating or whatever. So i'ma go watch vids about it and see what DLC i might be interested in! I hope you have an amazing day!! bye :-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 7:21 pm

subject: tee hee
mood: high.. happy
music: Watching Drake and Josh

heyyy. :-) so i wrote a post earlier abt bein all stressed w/ myself but am replacing it with this cuz who cares tee hee.

man today was so much fun!! i hung out with taylor and mark, and we spent all day playing this horror game on roblox AND I HAD SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!!! now that I mention it... i may play it in a bit... LMAO. Us 3 don't hang out as often as we used to so it's a lot of fun when we all get together!!!

in other news.... uhh idk. I'm watching drake and josh while smokin a bowl which is pretty fun :-)) i've been interacting with an old friend lately.. makes me feel sad, and a bit weird. idk. life is crazy!

i uhh.. i don't really kno what to write about but my recent shit is HEAVY so .. i want to clear the air or sum shit i dont fuckin knowww. i'm just rambling..

well i'ma get back 2 drake and josh and play sum roblox :-) have a good day!!!

Monday, May 6, 2019 - 3:01 pm

subject: A kid at my school is dead.
mood: uneasy
music: None

(Edit 11:44pm: so i don't think he was kicked out, i heard that he was moving in with his grandparents? small detail but whateva.)

Hey, I just got home from school. Wow, There is so much going on I don't know where to start.

So, regarding my last post, the guy I was talking about did actually pass away yesterday. He was in a car wreck in which he was ejected out the windshield because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Here's a small paragraph about it from an article i'll link to HERE:

MITCHELL COUNTY, Texas - The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating a crash in Mitchell County that left a teenager dead.
The crash happened around 1 p.m. Sunday on I-20, just east of Loraine.
DPS said Colton Hugh Scopel, 18, of Alvin, hit a guardrail. His 2011 Ford F-350 pickup continued through the center median and crashed into a concrete pillar of the overpass on CR 424.
Scopel -- who was not wearing a seat belt -- was pronounced dead at the scene.

The whole ordeal is crazy. Here's a rundown on the events from my perspective: He posted my prom pictures while calling me & my BF "disgusting and pathetic" onto his twitter on last wednesday, 5/1/19. That same day, a video of him yelling racist and homophobic remarks was exposed and it got over 10k views. Because of this, a lot of his friends turned on him, and he was exposed to everyone for being the bigot he was. A lot of people were angry, and there was a lot of people bashing him. Fast forward to yesterday, I got the news of his death. From what i've heard, due to his actions he was kicked out of his house and that was why he was so far from our town, Alvin, when this happened. A woman who witnessed the whole ordeal posted her experience to facebook, below are the screenshots of that story.

This whole situation is heartbreaking, no matter what he did, he didn't deserve that. He didn't deserve to die, nor in that manner. He deserved a chance in life, an oppurtunity to grow.

My anxiety about jayce & me getting shit for this proved unnecessary, as the person who is getting a lot of threats is the girl who posted the video of him spewing hate speech to twitter, which is unjustified. She did not cause his death, but these people are angry and mourning and looking for something/one to blame for this. I don't know, it's so weird holding so much hate in your heart for someone for so many years and then suddenly it turns into numbness. I just want to let the situation rest. What he's done to me and others over the years doesn't matter now, he's dead.

This is so surreal man, i'll update if I get any new information but as of now I guess that's it. I hope things are well in your life, see you later.

Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 7:08 pm

subject: More death(?), what the fuck.
mood: beyond shocked
music: None

(EDIT 7:46pm: My grandma said she hasn't seen anything about it posted by the local police or anyone like that who regularly updates about stuff like that, so as of now I can't say that he really is dead.)

So like, FUCK man.. today is crazy. A few posts back (I deleted the post.), I wrote about a guy who posted my prom pics on his twitter and called us "disgusting and pathetic". I also linked to a video of him using racist and homophobic slurs. Well, I just found out that he died in a car accident. Jayce called me and told me about it and I was like what the fuck!!!!! And didn't believe it 100% until Jayce was sending me tweets about it. I looked around twitter and a lot of people at my school are talking about it. So uh yeah, as of now I think it's true.

As much as I hated him for all the years of harassment, he did not deserve to die. Nobody deserves to die. This is horrible, and I can't imagine what his family and friends are going through right now. I'll post an update whenever I learn more about it. If it's true, i'm sure they'll talk about it in school tomorrow or something.

Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 3:37 pm

subject: Holy Shit. A dead columbine fanatic had a neocities.
mood: shocked
music: Watching a video about what i'm talking about

Duuude, this shit is fucking INSANE. So, I was watching this youtuber I like called Ready To Glare and she recently made about about a girl who was obsessed with Columbine. I'm gonna briefly explain, but if you'd like to know a bit more, CLICK HERE for an article about it and you can research more about it from there.

Basically, this girl had a lot of mental health issues. She was obsessed with Columbine to the point where she flew to Denver and purchased a shotgun. She ended killing herself before doing anything crazy but caused quite a bit of panic. Anyways, she had a website hosted here on Neocities which she used as a diary of some sorts. It was like any personal site here on Neocities, y'know? except she was insane.

Anyways, the reason i'm so bewildered by this is because i've been on her site before I knew about any of this and I thought it was another edgy, 90's goth themed site because I didn't look into it too much. Turns out she was really, really unstable and had planned to do some fucked up shit while showing many signs online. I won't link to her, Idk, I feel weird about that but her name on here is dissolvedgirl. You can add the or whatever.

God man, it's such a weird coincidence to stumble across her site like "oh yes, cute 90's aesthetic, loves it." and then come to find out through a Youtube video that she was planning some fucked up shit. Idk... it's just so crazy to me!!

I always think about how people that plan to / commit acts of terror in this generation will commonly have some sort of sign of their plans on their social media, and we usually never find out until it's too late. Idk, i'm kinda rambling now but i'm just .. shocked.

anyways, that's all I really have to say abt this, I hope things are going well for you and I hope you have a good day!

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 9:43 pm

mood: fucking stoned, dude.
music: Watching Catfish

wow. I just got home from the CAMH about 30 mins ago... it was SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!! wow!!!!!! I've never had an experience like that before. I'm so thankful For everyone around me pushing me to do my best... man. This feels so good.

they recorded it sooo if they upload the vid somewhere, i'll link it to my site!! so u can see my anxious ass stutter and fiddle with my jacket like a dumbass. I was having an anxiety attack the whole time.. literally shaking and shit. I don't think I looked up from my phone ONCE. (i had what i was sayin on there so i wasnt just bein rude lookin at my phone) but FUCK...

i met some really nice people !!!! it was so good :-)

OH SHIT while writing this i was on insta and my photo teacher posted a pic of me from tonight!! here it is:

ahhh!! so crazy. well, das abt it for now, i hope things are going well in your life. ♥ see ya!

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 11:28 am

subject: getting $50 b/c of mY ART???
mood: SO happy
music: I'll Take Us Home - Matt and Kim (listen)

Oh my god!! So, I mentioned a few posts back that I was invited to give a presentation at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston about my work currently being displayed. They want me to talk about it / what inspired me while creating it, or just inspires me in general! Anyways, they emailed me yesterday giving me more details about the event where they told me THEY'RE PAYING ME $50 as an honorarium, whatever that means LMAO.

this. is. fucking. CRAZY. I'm getting money for something I built from the ground up, i- ... wow. I am amazed, thankful, and SO HAPPY. So happy.

In other news, I got back into the sims 1 last night and downloaded a ton of custom skins & objects. I found old tools released by EA for the game that are so much fun to mess with! I downloaded Create-A-Date, Create-A-Celebrity, and The Sims Facelift. I spent a ton of time on this other tool i've had for years called The Sims Creator where you can make your own skins/clothes and use a custom picture to make a head. I made me and jayce as sims and I plan on making mark, amy, and tay whenever I get home from school! As well as ACTUALLY PLAYING the game because i'll spend hours downloading custom content and either have to do something else or just get burnt out w/ the sims, cuz that happens a lot due to playin the game my whole ass life.

anyways... that's about all goin' on. Gonna go buy juul pods real quick after skool before goin home... uh.. yeah. LMAO, thanks 4 reading if ya did, have a great day :'-)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 8:56 am

subject: bOred in gOvernment ☆
mood: lazy
music: Love Is a Place - Metric (listen)

wazzupp. I just took a gov test which was reallly easy, that was nice. I need to focus on school more, but i'm losing all motivation for schoolwork the closer graduation gets... man, i can't wait to graduate. Sorta. Idk, i'm nervous to start living life as an adult, I feel confused & like i don't have my shits together haha.. It's probably just my anxiety making me nervous but.. i don't know.

I haven't been taking my meds this past weekend (i am now) cuz I always wake up late as shit way after I should've taken my meds which doesn't mean I shouldn't take em period but.. Guess i'll have 2 learn the hard way. I've been really on edge lately.. feels like things r fallin apart u know, the usual shit my mind makes me feel. Anyways, i've been listening to Metric again lately and I forgot how much I liked them. I went through a phase sophomore year where I was obsessed w/ them, Stars, The Strokes, Arctic monkeys, etc.. and I've been nostlagic for those days..

Sometimes it feels like all I do is hold on to the past as hard as I can to make me feel better about not wanting to grow up when it's inevitable. I'm so immature aUGh.. i hate feeling out of control, such a bad flaw of mine.

idk.. I've just been really lost in thought lately. I feel stuck in a loop, or whatever. I think i'm just being angsty & dramatic.. anyways.

I'm half baked cuz of the bowl I smoked when I woke up, and would really rather be smoking another bowl while playing garry's mod right now than sitting in class w/ all my EdGy dEeP tHoUgHts that are sO0oOo important!!1!.. ugh. I'm so irritating. >:-(

ahhh okay, i'm going to forensics soon.. so, i'll end this here. thanks for reading, if you cared to!

Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 1:37 pm

subject: its 4/20
mood: stoned 2 the bone
music: watching the view hosts yell @ each other on youtube

heyyyy.. It's 4/20. LMAO. I know it's so dumb but i think it's cool.... or whatevr :-)

my pothead ass.. i'm baked. LMAO. I just made this cute blingee of me and my bf!

i love him sm :'-)

i'm bored.. i might play the sims 2 in a bit. i know i'm gonna dye eggs w/ my cousins later, which is gonna be fun! :-) i used to LOVE easter as a kid.

welll.. i really don't have much to say cuz i'm baked and keep getting distracted lmfao.. so ima end this here. hope u have a good day!

Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 8:24 am

subject: today is kid day @ my skool
mood: content
music: Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne (listen)

hello! today is such a good day :-) today at my school, for seniors, we're doing something called kid day where we dress like kids and have fun!! we're supposed to go 2 a playground during 4th period, but we may not as it's POURING. I think they have something else planned if all fails but .. ya. I'm currently in government.

I'm feeling really nostalgic today, mostly b/c of the kid day stuff. I'm using an my old Pre-K power rangers backback and brought my childhood stuffed animal :-)

I bought some ps2 games yesterday. thrillville, bratz forever diamondz, and tony hawk's project 8 (MY FAVE). I played them until like 1am, like a dumbass.

well.. i don't rlly have anything else 2 say for now, i hope you're doing well!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 7:03 pm

subject: my art @ the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
mood: happy!!!!
music: Crush On You - Lil Kim (listen)

wow!! shit is WILD!!!!!! So, if you ever cared 2 read any of these dumbass posts, you might kno my art is being displayed in the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston (Texas) until june 16th. It's a website (, and the display looks like ...


for more info on the exhibition click HERE

so, i got an email from the people who like ... run the show or whatever (called shapeshifters) and they invited me to give a 4/5 min informal presentation about my work / what influenced it / really anything and... WOW. Only a handful of ppl were selected to present so that it wouldn't take up a lot of time and I'M SO FUCKING GRATEFUL. I don't deserve this??? what the fUCK is happening?????

i may be getting my hopes up a bit as they asked me 2 reply by yesterday and i did today.. teehee oops. Even if it's too late, one.. i learned my lesson about waiting b/c of anxiety, and two.. The fact that i was even inVITED to present something is so fucking cool and amazing.

if i wasn't too late, i'm gonna make A VERY 2000'S PRESENTATION while wearing my most 2000's outfit because, in Houston, I don't have to worry about the people around me judging me for what makes me happy!! this is so cool man, SO beyond fucking cool.

ahh... i'm so fucking happy, even if i don't get to present. so fucking happy that people appreciate something i made enough for this.

life is really good, i hope yours is fucking amazing, honestly.. whoever the fuck you are.... u deserve the fucking best. sorry i'm bein extra i'm just... so happy. have a great day/night. ♥

Monday, April 15, 2019 - 10:12 pm

subject: I GOT A WEBCAM!! AHH
mood: tipsy
music: Reddit vids on Youtube

oh my god!! i went 2 walmart today w taylor and bought a webcam for $25!! i'm so fucking happy. I have a desktop so i don't have a cam/mic BUT NOW I HAVE BOTH!!! I can skype people now!! not that anyone wants to talk to me on skype... but the option is there and that's enough to make me happy!!!

here's a pic i took earlier w/ a nokia phone my photography teacher gave me:

i'm obsessed! sorry i look dumb i can't pose 4 SHIT.. but .. yeah :-)
i also used some effect called frosty or some shit on tha pic..

other than that.. me and taylor played minecraft all day and it made me super happy :-) i miss being 12 and playin w/ her on the xbox 360 hahaha.. awww.. memories.

well dats all 4 now have a great night!!! (or day.. whenever u read this.. if anyone does LMFAOOO..)

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 7:45 pm

subject: big chillin
mood: stoned
music: baby - supervision (listen)

oooh my god, i saw the movie Us today w/ jayce! it was SO GOOD!!!

i kept frEAKIN out like a scared lil bitch.. LMAO.

so, i bought minecraft for my ps4 last night b/c it was only $5 & i still occasionally enjoy building random shit for hours lmfaooo. I boughta few classic skin packs too and it made me miss being 12 & playing minecraft w/ taylor on our Xbox 360's :-( ...

we used 2 play games on xbox every single time i would go to my moms on the weekends, i miss those days!! we would spend hours finding glitches in GTA IV and always getting stuck in servers with hackers LMAO, just fun stuff!!

i bought playstation plus 4 a month recently cuz it was only like $10 i think??? idk. but i want taylor to get it soon so we can pLAY GAMES !! ahh.

welllllll... i'm gonna go smoke sum more and play sum minecraft & red dead online .. thank u 4 reading this shit.. if u did.
see ya l8r

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 12:54 pm

subject: new site design!
mood: bored
music: none

i updated the layout of my site! it's now a myspace page type thing :-)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 6:17 pm

subject: made a fake picrave
mood: pretty good
music: leave the ho - sy smith (listen)

i copied a picrave profile code and made my own picrave set in 2001.. LMAO.. click HERE to check it out!
(don't take it seriously i was tryna act like a generic 2000's teen)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 11:00 am

subject: i'm bored ..
mood: anxious
music: neo (the one) - slyder (listen)

hiyaa.. I'm currently sitting in 5th period, listening 2 music and chilling... I feel rlly nostalgic today, as per usual. I've been downloading old picrave profile pictures and writing down early 2000's screen names I like.

speaking of picrave pix, I just made an insta dedicated to posting old profile pics from the site... LMAO.. it's @picravers.

well.. das all for now so have a good dAy!!

Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 4:46 pm

subject: weeee i'm DRUNK
mood: loosey goosey
music: watching reddit videos on youtube

HELLO!! wow... I have not drank in a while! I am... ZOOTED.. off of ONE drink of vodka & sprite. teehee.

last night was prom!!! I was so sick, but I powered thru it!!! it was so much fun. I'm so glad I got to go w/ jayce!!! I love him sooooo much!! :-) i'll upload sum PiX soon onto the images section of my site... eventually.. idk I just plan on making blingees and editing my site 2day.

after prom we all (me, taylor, jayce, mark, and justin) went back 2 my house and drankkk... I felt like shit tho so me and jayce slept in my old bedroom across the house... it was so nice :'-)


i bought a new charger earlier today cuz they r only like... $6 (thankfully) and got sum podz.. idk I have $60 so.. ima buy sum (as my mom would call it) PiiiiiiZOT this week... i'll have 2 smoke resin until then :-//

i was gonna go 2 my dads overnight but ... too sick and tired... gonna have 2 get pot another way... hehe... I do really miss him though :-(

wow.. I always get so nostalgic when i'm not sober... I wish it was 2001!!!! ... you know, I say that a lot... i feel like if it was 2001, it wouldn't be all i hype it up 2 be.. I mean duh, but.. idk.. LMAO.

ok well ima go make blingeez & work on my site... SeE yA L8r..!

Friday, April 5, 2019 - 8:33 pm

subject: prom is tomorrow!!
mood: excited!!
music: watching the young turks on youtube

helloooo! i'm baked ... hee hee.

Prom is tomorrow!!! i'm gonna upload a ton of pix from it onto this site eventually in the next week or so!! :-)
I'm going w/ jayce, taylor, her date justin, and mark! we're gonna ride in a fuckin LIMO!! i've never been in one before ... hellloooo!!?? I'm so exciteD!!!

auuuuuuuuugh monday is senior skip day so i'm going to my dads and HOPEFULLY i can get sum more pot because I am just about OUT... gonna have to resort to smokin resin eventually... lovely.. (i say while smokin half of it rn)

i've been playing RDR2 a TON lately, justin gave it to me for FREE and i'm fucking OBSESSED. I bought a month of playstation plus JUST for RDR Online... LMAO.

well.. yeah das it.. TtyL BiTch.. ♥ hav a good day.

Sunday, March 31, 2019 - 11:05 pm

subject: oOo*new blog layout*oOo
mood: stoned
music: i've wasted so much time - enjoy (listen)

Wazzup. I redesigned my blog! I used the same code from my moms old livejournal from 2004 and I love it! I left a link to old posts below just b/c :-).

Life has been prettty good lately. I recently bought a mp3 player for nostalgia and i'm SO excited for it to come in. It gets here on monday >:-)))

All I really did 2day was smoke & play games, watch youtube, and hung out w/ taylor. I don't want 2 go 2 school tomorrowwww...

well. I just wanted a post for the new design B-) have a good one :-)

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