Monday, October 14, 2019 - 7:10 pm

subject: I wanna go dancing.
mood: okay
music: The Killing Moon - Echo & the Bunnymen (listen)

"Under a blue moon I saw you,
so soon you'll take me.
Up in your arms,
too late to beg you or cancel it
though I know it must be the killing time.
Unwillingly mine.
up against your will,
through the thick and thin,
he will wait until
you give yourself to him.
In starlit nights I saw you,
so cruelly you kissed me.
Your lips a magic world,
your sky all hung with jewels.
The killing moon,
will come too soon."

Hellooo, I love this song so much. :'-) I've been listening to music and working on my website pretty much all day. I took my medication today (i haven't been keeping up smh) and i've been in a pretty good mood since I got back from class. I changed up a lot of stuff on my site! I added a bunch of pics to my pictures page & redesigned my guestbook, as well as a few other lil edits. I started setting alarms to take my medication for the first time ever so I can try to keep up w/ it & I hope it works. I can never remember to take my meds and it's a huge fuckin issue, I get really unstable when i'm off my meds. It's hard for me to function in social situations & I have manic episodes, as well as really unhealthy coping habits. All of that goes away when i'm on my meds but for some reason I can't for the fucking life of me remember to regularly take them. >:-0

Anyways, enough about that dumb shiiiiit. I just smoked and I'm listening to Zero 7 now, the song "In The Waiting Line". It's so good. That album is really good, I looove trip hop music a lot.

I wish it was 2001. LMAO, I'm so fucking irritating. I take any opportunity I get to talk about the past. Today in math, we were reviewing for our test tomorrow but it was pretty chill so I was just talking to a girl in my group about the early 2000's. It was so great, I think she said she was like 21 in 2000 so I was like "TeLl Me EvErYtHiNg AbOuT yOuR pAsT oMg Y2K!1! mYsPaCe!!1! tH0nGz!!". Ahhh, I'm so annoying but I love talking to people about the past. I love nostalgia!! And I love making people feel nostalgic. It's such a nice feeling.

Welllll that's all I have 2 say right now so i'll end this here B-) I hope you have a good day!! see ya :-)

Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 3:48 pm

subject: stoned and feelin nostalgic
mood: stoned
music: Drums And Riffs - Half-Life (listen)

hellooo, i just finished my homework & smoked a bowl. i'm chillin. i had a really good weekend! #'s on friday was a lot of fun, I spent the night dancin w/ Amy & Kiersten until like 2:30am. last night was also a lot of fun! Taylor, Haley, and Justin came over and we were planning on going to a play @ the college but nobody was there when we got there (10 mins before it started) and we weren't that interested so we leFT. we went 2 my old elementary and played on the playground for like an hour instead lmfao.

anyways... i've been playing garry's mod and half-life 2 a lot lately. I downloaded the Half-Life 2 beta maps last night and have been messing around w/ those and they're pretty cool. they make me feel really nostalgic, I love half-life 2 so much.

I wish I could've been this age in the early 2000's. I wish I could've experienced the earlier days of steam! When half-life 2 & counter-strike source were new and popular, and when the internet looked like this. I have no idea why i'm so drawn to that era but fuck man, I wish I could time travel.

tee hee i'll stop rambling now, I'm gonna go smoke more and browse the internet archive.. probably gonna play hl2 LMAO. i'll see u l8r & hope u have a good day

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 12:09 am

subject: today was nice
mood: stoned
music: Look On Down From The Bridge - Mazzy Star (listen)

hey, I hope you're having a good day! I'm about to go to bed but I felt like writing something before I did. today (yesterday technically) was really nice! I went to the mall with Amy for a few hours and got some new clothes because i've been really self conscious in everything I wear lately. not that buyin clothes is gonna fix my low self esteem but it's a temporary distraction lmao. anyways.. I got a pack of cigs instead of pods today for the first time in a long time cuz they're cheaper.. idk. I quit smokin cigs whenever I got my juul but i've been smoking cigs a lot recently (when I go out) so I said hmmmm?? yes. Cancer++.

Anyways, if you care, here's a few pix of the stuff I got!:

I got a couple shirts, pants, a jacket, underwear, and this star necklace that i'm in love with:

That's all I really have to say I guess, I was writing some dumb emotional shit about how unattractive I feel (while at the same time adding pix of me in my underwear for attention... ironic) but this isn't my application to be on dr phil so i'ma just end this here. I hope you have a good night and I hope life does something good for you soon, see you around. ♥

Monday, October 7, 2019 - 8:14 pm

subject: Listening 2 Sneaker Pimps & updating my site!
mood: stoned
music: Post-Modern Sleaze - Sneaker Pimps (listen)

Hello!! It's been a couple of weeks since i've updated my site! I've been all sad and shit but I just smoked and wanted to work on my site again so here I am. I haven't been doing too much lately other than going to school, hanging out w/ friends, and going out every weekend.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. I went to Numbers on Friday and Saturday. Friday was a normal classic 80's night and Saturday was Numbers 41st anniversary! Saturday was fucking amazing, they played all of my favorite songs (Including smack my bitch up) and I danced the whole night. Here's a pic from Friday nite:

In other news, I bought Tomb Raider 1 - 5 on Steam b/c they were all $1 recently and my obsession for raiding tombs has come back. I recently discovered the Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game and bought 3 quest packs off of eBay and I love it. I bought the Trapped in The Tombs, Into The Caves, and Neptune's Fury packs. Here's a pic of the first 2 packs:

I got those last week and Neptune's Fury came in the mail today.

There's more stuff I want 2 talk about but I wanna update a few other things on my site before I go to sleep so i'm gonna go do that. I hope you're doing well.

Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 10:00 pm

subject: Listening to Avril Lavigne, thinking about last night.
mood: stoned & sad
music: My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne (listen)

Hey! I hope you're doing good. I just smoked & am high for the first time in like a week. I started listening to old Avril and now i'm in my feelings, haha. I've had a really crazy weekend. Last night was amazing, I was so happy. I went to #'s with Amy and Kiersten & we danced till 2:30am. I met and danced with a really cute guy, it was so nice. After #'s we all went to House of Pies w/ these 2 guys we met and I ate a waffle w/ bacon & eggs. I didn't get home and into bed until about 6am. Also, I don't think i've posted this pic on my site before but here's a pic of numbers!

It's from a few weeks ago, I'm in the front w/ my arms up, in the black crop top. It's such a cute picture!!

Anyways, while last night was great, today fucking sucked. Among everything, the worst that happened was my tire blowing out on the freeway. Here's a pic of my fucked up tire:

It was so scary. Everything ended up okay though, my uncle came and changed my tire since i'm a dumb ass bitch that doesn't know how to.

Welllll ... I'm really stoned and don't rlly know what else 2 talk about, i just wanted to update the site! :-) i'm gonna go play fallout 4! I love u and i'll write again l8r ♥

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 12:02 pm

subject: Just bought a new mobile & I want my Von Dutch tank top!!
mood: happy
music: Cccan't You See (French extended mix) - Vicious Pink (listen, it's a great song)

Hey! I gotta leave for class in about 30 mins but I wanted 2 make a post before I did :-P I hope you're doing well!! :-) I just bought the iPhone Xr! I've had an iPhone 6s+ for a few years & since Apple is a piece of shit company who throttles their phone batteries after a certain amount of time, I was forced to upgrade. It's irritating!! I hate that Apple phases out phones SO OFTEN. I've never been up to date w/ all the new phones, I had an iPhone 4 from 2012 until the iPhone 6 came out, which is when I upgraded to that. Then I got the 6s+ I have now about 1.5/2 years ago, and finally, the iPhone Xr today. I went to the AT&T store earlier and I originally was looking at an iPhone 8 but the shit was too expensive. I checked Apple's website and just decided to trade in my 6s+ & buy the Xr w/ the lowest storage space. (I only use 33GB/128GB on my phone rn & i bought the 64GB Xr) It was $549 in total but i'm doing payments of like $33 a month for 24 months. (phone warranty included) I'm really happy about it! I'm excited to try out all the new shit.

In other news, Depop personally came to my house with a loaded shotgun, put it to my head, and forced me to give them my money. LMAO. Depop is sooo fucking bad for me. There's so much cute shit on there, I would go broke if I spent too much time on it. But yeah, I recently spent like $30 on a Von Dutch tank top & a Happy Bunny shirt. I'll upload pix when they come in! Speaking of pix, I was trying to find a list of songs played a certain night at #'s (my mom said it's somethin they do but I cant find it anywhere), and while searchin through facebook I stalked my mom for a bit and look at this pic of her!! (left)

That's in the way early 2000's. I miss that version of my mom, back when I called her momma. (still would, I love my mom) She smelled like cigarettes and japanese cherry blossom perfume, the most comforting smells from my childhood. :'-) ♥ Anyways, I have to leave for class in abt 10 mins now sooo I'll stop this here! I hope all is well in your life and I'll see ya l8r! byee :-P

Sunday, September 8, 2019 - 3:40 am

subject: Back on my meds after like 3 FUCKIN MONTHS!!
mood: stoned
music: Until Death (Do Us Part) - Front 242 (listen)

hello!! ahh I haven't updated my site in like a week, so much has been going on!! To start, I am finally taking Vyvanse again. Idk WHAT the issue was, but either my psychiatrist messed up sending the prescription to walgreens or walgreens fucked it up but I haven't been able to get it since before I went to my moms way back in june... so like 2/3 months!! Anyways, Vyvanse is the only medication i've taken that has made a huge impact on my life. I got it yesterday & i'm already starting to feel a lot better. It makes me feel like i'm on ecstasy but not as intense / doesn't make me as horny. It makes me really happy, allows me to socialize (maybe a bit too much, I ramble a lot while on it), and motivates me to get shit done!

!!! I'm really mad at myself for letting months go by without getting Vyvanse. I mean, Walgreens never had my prescription but I could've called my psychiatrist & asked for help. Even then, i've barely been taking ANY of my meds since before I went to my moms. It's really fucking bad for me and I am very dumb for stopping. >:-/ I need to start taking better care of myself! I've been thinking a lot lately and I really need to figure out a system for myself that I can follow everyday to help me feel better mentally & physically. For example Waking up / Going to sleep at a set time, 3 (decent) meals a day, going walking everyday, taking my meds everyday, DRINKING MORE WATER, shit like that. These are just basic things that everyone does / should do but I get so wrapped up in my emotions / self hatred and let that stop me from taking care of myself... I don't know. I'm sorry for the dumb ass rambling, I just got a lot on my mind!! Overall, I am pretty happy with the way things are going. My main problem is that i'm stuck in my head tryna pity myself which doesn't do me any good at all. I hate my brain >:-(

Anywayyysss, I miss #'s!!! I had so much fun on Friday. I was stoned and danced the whole time, from like 10/11pm to 2:30am. It was heaven. I got a lot of good music to listen to from that night!! For example, the song linked above, Everyday Is Like Halloween by Ministry, Cccan't You See by Vicious Pink Phenomena, & Fade to Grey by Visage. I love dancing, Numbers Nightclub is a special place for me & i'll cherish these memories forever.

Also, today was my friend Andi's baby gender reveal party! It's gonna be a girl :-) I'm so happy for her, she's grown so much since I met her in 2016. ♥ I drove an hour to Katy to celebrate & she had some GOOD FUCKIN VODKA that I started drinking w/ sprite but then just by itself because it was so yummy. It wasn't anything special other than being some nice quality vodka compared to the cheap $10 shit i'm used to. I waited till i was sober to leave & got home at like 1 & smoked a fat azz bowl and now i'm here.. :-P

Well, this has gone on too long! I still doubt that anyone other than my friends care to read these. I can't be all that interesting :-P I hope you have a good day, see ya :-)

Monday, September 2, 2019 - 11:35 am

subject: Finally posting my presentation from the CAMH!!
mood: stoned
music: The Half-Life 2 OST(listen)

Heyo! So if you remember from past posts, earlier this year/ late last year I had art in a teen art show at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, TX. It was a website made here on neocities, set up on an old CRT monitor and shit. (Check it out!!) Here's pix of the exhibit:

So anyways, a while after getting into the show I was invited to give a presentation (that they gave me $50 for!!??) and I posted about it after I gave it & said i'd post the presentation soon but never did.. so now I am. Just a warning, it's really fuckin long LMAO but if you care enough 2 read it all i love u so much and thank u ♥ hopefully one day we can relive the past. Anways, here's the presentation:

Slide 1: hello I'm bryce, I'm 18, a senior in high school and I built the interactive website titled geocities reloaded. The website was inspired by my deep obsession with every aspect of the late 1990s and early 2000's. specifically the early days of the world wide web. i am infatuated by the idea of the "new millennium" and the aesthetic result of it. shiny metallic colors & patterns, a curiosity for the future of technology, and the boom of the internet. i also find myself intrigued by the huge shift in our country after 9/11 and how, in a way, it seems to have stolen our innocence. comparing how cartoonish and naive the culture during the 1990's could be to the mostly irrational fear of the middle east and involvement in war during the 2000's and later years.

Slide 2: starting with the fashion, the y2k era was a unique time for style. low waisted jeans, von dutch hats, tracksuits, and frosted tips. everyone had their own unique sense of fashion and most styles were fun! Some of my favorite fashion influencers of that era are Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, and P!nk.

Slide 3: another part of that era that inspires me is the music. the music of the new millennium was amazing. The obsession with the internet was prevalent, from TLC's fan-mail album, which features an album cover that reflects internet culture at the time, to britney spears song "Email my Heart". The fresh look on the internet and the general uncertainty of what it could be was heavily embedded in pop culture at the time.

Slide 4: My web page was built with the intention to put all of the things that I've grown to love and admire about the past into one interactive space. I wanted to share my deep appreciation for the past, and hopefully make people nostalgic, or think about a distant memory. For those who weren't around, i wanted to share what i consider to be the beginning of what we have now. Before instagram and snapchat, we had Myspace, LiveJournal, and AIM. One of the most helpful resources for me was a website titled, where you can find archived web pages from almost any point in time. When i first discovered this site, i spent hours surfing the web for nostalgia. I went to in 2004, and in 2006, i was beyond ecstatic that i had access to something like this. while browsing the internet archive, i rediscovered geocities, a website I loved as a kid. this is my main inspiration for my website.

Slide 5: Geocities was one of the most popular free webpage hosting sites from 1994 to 2009. It allowed new users to select from a large list of neighborhoods to build their site in. Neighborhoods were themed sections of the site that had a community for whatever topic was associated with them. For example, the neighborhood SouthBeach was described as a place for "Hanging out, friends, chatting, meeting and greeting." and the neighborhood SunsetStrip was for "Rock, grunge, punk, and the club scene." This way of organizing the site made it feel a lot more like it's own world. You could browse neighborhoods for empty listings to establish your "home". Social media today doesn't even come close to producing the feeling that Geocities gave. Inside the neighborhoods were sub-neighborhoods, this is where your webpage was hosted. For example, inside SouthBeach, your page could reside in Balcony, Disco, Palms, and many more. Sites were full of MIDI files, blinkies, buttons, dollz, obnoxious colors, and guestbooks.

Slide 6: Neighborhoods: paris - romance, poetry, and the arts | pipeline - extreme sports | research triangle - the future of technology | times square - computers, video & role-playing games. | west hollywood - gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender topics | soho - art, poetry, prose, and the bohemian spirit.

Conclusion: to sum everything up, the world around the year 2000 was a turning point in history. I would give everything up to experience a piece of the past i so desperately long for, but will never truly understand, no matter how invested i am.

Well that's it :-) I hope you enjoyed & i'll write again later ♥

Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 6:21 pm

subject: Listening to Crystal Castles, feeling nostalgic
mood: stoned
music: Celestica - Crystal Castles(listen)

Hiii :-P Wazzup? I just smoked a fat bowl of dro & i'm baked outta my mind B-) I'm listenin 2 crystal castles & hittin me juul now.. which i'm TOO YOUNG FOR NOW. I'm pretty sure that started today, the whole 21+ bill in Texas? If you're unaware, they're changing the age to buy cigs/tobacco/vape shit from 18 to 21 in TX. People born before August 31st, 2001 (i think) are exempt but a lot of stores just aren't selling to people below 21 period. I'm gonna have 2 go back 2 my old ways and just have friends get my shit for me but fuck man, what a fuckin nuisance. Honestly though, I never should have started smoking in the first place. I hate my past self sooo much for it. I was 15 & thought it was soooooo cool to smoke cigarettes and listen to Arctic Monkeys (you remember the 2013-16ish Arctic Monkeys, soft grunge aesthetic, & grid pattern edits tumblr era? That was me.) until I got addicted and now i'm fucked. I could just quit, but I know I don't have it in me. Like, I know I should but I don't want to. Whateverrr.. It's a choice I make & I gotta accept the consequences B-)

Anyways, Taylor & Justin are coming over l8r w/ another box of wine & they're gonna spend the nite. I'm excited!! All i've done today is play Fallout New Vegas & hang out w/ my family since it's my aunts 50th birthday. I baked the cake for her :'-) It was a yellow cake w/ chocolate icing & was fuckin covered in sprinkles >:-)

Ohh shit, sooo i've been hearing that my old elementary school is gonna be torn down soon. The school, the playground I used to swing at constantly over the past few years, and the track I used to walk on. I'm heartbroken :-( It's such a special, calm place for me. Without it, I don't have a place to escape to when I want to be alone and think. I need to go walk more often and hang out there more often, while I still can. I mean, I guess I could go swing at the primary but it's so open and just ... not the same. I don't know. I have so many memories at that elementary, as a kid and a teenager. I hate that things change, it makes me so fuckin upset. I'm scared to grow up and for things to change drastically. Blah.

That's all I rlly got 2 say for now... I hope you're doing well and I'll write again l8r :-) See ya!

Friday, August 30, 2019 - 2:01 pm

subject: Last night was so much fun but 2day could be better
mood: stressed out
music: The Heat - The One AM Radio(listen)

Hello! I hope you're doing well. I've been sitting on my computer and drinking the last bit of my wine & watching youtube. Sooo I got bUSTEd for smoking weed 2day, but honestly nothin happened. I hung out w/ Jozelyn & our friends Waylon & Dawson yesterday and they ended up spending the night & we smoked a lot of dro and those mf'ers kept blowing the smoke out without using my "poof puff" (as i call it). It's a toilet paper roll w/ dryer sheets inside & around it and helps reduce the smell so i can smoke inside. But yeah, my grandma rode my ass about it for a bit this morning and then I went back into my room and smoked anotha bowl to calm down LMFAOOO. I'm such a fuckin shithead.

But yeah, yesterday was wild. We spent like 3 hours waiting 2 buy some shweed and it was HELL. It was worth it tho cuz we came back 2 my place and got stoned, drank wine, watched The Doom Generation, and then talked about government conspiracy theories and shit... LMAO. We were up until like 3:30AM bein fuckin stupid. It was so much fun though!! Wakin up fuckin sucked, we got up at like 7:20am when dawson and waylon left and then I took jozelyn home around like 11. I'm also not goin to #'s tonight because i'm exhausted and am just stressed outta my mind and need 2 chill out.

Idk.. i'm not sober rn so sorry if this post is stupid or somethin tee hee. I think ima end this here and go watch more youtube, have a good day & i'll see u around :-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 11:48 pm

subject: I'm drunk and I should be asleep
mood: wine drunk again
music: Crime Watch Daily video (its rlly interesting)(watch)

Hiiiiiii. Wazzup. I'm feelin pretty good. I drank a bit 2 much wine and now i'm all loosey goosey teehee. I've been watchin youutube for a lil while, i've been watching true crime vids (i think thats wut u call em). I spent the day w/ jozelyn, korrin, and kiersten. We played video games on my ps2 and drank and smoked, tha usual B-) I had a lot of fun!! we went 2 a place in town called game & skate and bought monopoly and a new memory card 4 my ps2. they had an adapter 4 the ps2 that allows u 2 plug in 3 or 4 controllers but my dumbass didnt get it... then we couldnt play monopoly because we FUCKIN NEEDED IT!!! i'm dumb LMFAOO. It's rlly nice having a 128mb memory card tho, the one I have is my old 8mb one from 2008 LMAO. I couldnt save SHIT!! i have all this space now and it's seems so big but 128mb aint shit these days... idk.

OH MY GOD!!! SO i bought a FUCKIN WII !!!!! I'm SO fucking excited 2 get it!!!! I had a wii mini but my mom had it when she moved 2 new mexico and my lil bro LOVES it so i want him to have it to experience it like i did!!!! I can sacrifice $50 for a new one 2 give my bro good memories w/ my bomb ass wii games. I love him so much :,-) i miss him. I can't wait to buy wiifit, wiisports, and wiiparty. I can FINALLY play that one silent hill 1 wii remake game!! and I can play gamecube games or whatever .. or is it gameboy..? I cant remember, whatever other console games the wii can play.

ahhhhhh I neeed to go to bed!! i just loaded another bowl and poured sum more wine tho... and i'm ready for a new crime watch video.. LMAO. I'm still lovin college btw. I started doin math stuff today and i actually understood it..

okkkk well I think i've babbled long enough, I hope u have a fuckin great day and i'll write again laterrrrr!!!! :-P ♥

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 7:24 pm

subject: I'm loving college, got a box of wine, and have some bomb ass weed. Life is really fucking good.
mood: wine drunk
music: Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts - Arctic Monkeys(listen)

Wazzuuup. Today's been a really good day. Taylor and Justin just left after hanging for a while. We were jus drinkin some wine, smokin, and watching youtube. My classes were sooo good today dude. My learning framework teacher seems really cool, my cinema teacher is fucking awesome (and we just watched casablanca today AND I WAS LIVING I fucking love that movie.), and my other math teacher seems really helpful so I think I got really lucky this semester. I love that classes can end early & we can leave campus wheneva. I have a 40 min break between my cinema & math class so me and taylor went 2 mcdonalds. Ahh, I'm just very very excited for college. I'm also gonna have to dedicate a lot of time & effort into my school work, I want 2 succeed as best as I can. Also, it's really interesting having classes w/ adults. I'm definitely not used 2 it.

Anyways, college is full of HOT BOYS and i'm single and willing to muthafuckin MINGLE. I'm really glad 2 be out of a relationship. I feel SO buch better the way things are now!! I'm definitely not desperate 2 be in a relationship, I jus wanna have fun!! I wanna make out w/ cute boiz and shit. B-)

wellllllll that's all I really got goin on in my dumbass head right now.. I hope ur havin a good day & i'll write again l8r B-)

Monday, August 26, 2019 - 6:33 pm

subject: Listening 2 Arctic Monkeys & chillin
mood: stoned
music: Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys(listen)

Helloo! So my 1st day of college was chill, just the class introduction. Me and Taylor sat in the back cuz there was barely anywhere 2 sit and the teacher just went through her syllabus and shit like that. It was really cool, i'm excited for tomorrow! I can't wait to see what my cinema class is like.

When I got home I smoked a fat bowl and started playing Morrowind and that's about all i've been doing today. I just ate sum roast & a potato and that shit was fuckin good. I might go on a walk.. idk. I might run to the store and get sum ciggies to smokie smoke and go on a walk like old times.

I redecorated my CRT monitor w/ cute stickers and shit, i'll upload a pic eventually but i'm lazy + i'm not done rn tee hee. uhHhhh that's about it right now, i'll update again l8r to talk about my other classes! see ya & I hope u have a good day :-)

Monday, August 26, 2019 - 10:58 am

subject: Eating waffles and watching Trisha Paytas before class
mood: excited!!
music: Trisha's part 2 vid about the vlog squad(watch)

Oh MY GOD HELLO!! I start college in about 2 hours and i'm fuckin EXCITED!!! I went to bed at like 2AM because I bought The Elder Scrolls Morrowind & Oblivion last nite through G2A for under $10, god I fucking love that site. G2A has saved me SO MUCH MONEY over the years. Anyways I was up all night playing morrowind / downloading mods for it and I really enjoy it. The graphics are realllllly fucking nice, they give me that perfect early 2000's nostalgia. I haven't played Oblivion yet, I'm gonna start when I get back from class at 2:20. The Elder Scrolls is such a damn good series that I got into way too late!!

Ahh anyways I don't have too much to say I was just nervous and wanting to update my site before going to class.. I'll write again l8r, I hope you're doing well right now!! See ya

Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 4:08 pm

subject: I start college tomorrow & I bought a PDA from 2005 ... & i'm stoned
mood: stoned
music: Electric Feel - MGMT (listen)

Hellooo There's so much goin on!! I start college tomorrow! It's from 1pm to 2:20 pm & it's my regular college math class, Quantitative Reasoning, whatever the FUCK that means. I'm excited! I just went 2 best buy and bought some basic school supplies. Monday & Wednesday I have just 1 college level math class, Tuesday & Thursday I have learning framework, developmental math, & introduction 2 cinema. I can't fuckin believe i'm in college, man. Playing The Sims 2 & sending my sims to university has been hyping me up for college. It'd be cool if The Sims 4 got a university EP while i'm in college! I'm hella looking forward to that magic pack tho.

So I bought a PDA from 2005/6 ish to use for reminders and shit and i'm obsessed with it. Here's a pic:

It's an iPAQ rx1950. It makes me feel super nostalgic & I have a fucking dedicated solitaire button. Anytime I wanna play I just push a button on the side, I LOVE IT. Amy gave me an old 2GB SD card to use w/ it and it made it so much better :-) I got it on ebay for like ... $50 I think? Idk. It was so worth it.

Anyways Arctic Monkeys is on now and is making me miss living in Katy in 2016. My life right now is a lot better than it was back then, but I miss those days a lot. I was pretty much on my own in a new city & school, it was so different. I miss Andi, MaKailyn (I hope I spelled that right), Savannah, KIM !!!! Ughhh. :-( I need to go 2 katy soon and visit my old neighborhood that I used to walk in, it's so beautiful there.

Well dats about it 4 now, I might update my site before I go 2 class tomorrow but I know I will after .. AHhhh I'm nervous!! I'll see u l8r I hope u have a good day!!

Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 7:45 pm

subject: Made out w/ men old enough to be my father, the shocking confession.
mood: stoned
music: Combat Baby - Metric (listen)

Hey you hot bitch. What's up??? I hope you're doing well!! I went to new student orientation 2day and it was so much better than my anxious ass was expecting. I made 2 friends, Rain & Jadrian (hope i spelled dat right) and they were so nice!! (and cute teehee.) We just got a tour around campus & I got my student ID & parking pass. It was nice! I'm excited for Monday, aka my FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE!?!?!!? AHh!!! So crazy!!!

Sooo 2morro nite is a #'s nite and usually i'd be SUPER excited to go but drunk Bryce done put sober Bryce in an anxious situation. I honestly didn't wanna talk about it here partly b/c of embarassment & partly b/c of not wanting some ppl to see it but FUCK IT it's my damn website!!! So last time I went to #'s, I was recently single and open to meeting someone at the club. While I was dancing, a guy approached me & I started dancing on him & it led to us making out and him removing his (cow print) cowboy hat and letting me wear it the rest of the night. While making out, it turns out he knows an acquaintance of mine who compliments me a lot & called him over, WHICH LED TO ME MAKING OUT WITH HIM AS WELL. He was dressed like a fucking clown, dude, I mean, It was a badass outfit and everything, but it's just... not something sober Bryce woulda willingly done. Also, the guy w/ the cowboy hat got my number and occasionally texts me & recently invited me to HIS HUSBANDS (the clown) 50TH BDAY BASH AT NUMBERS IN OCTOBER. . ... . i- ... SO yeah. After being SANDWHICHED BETWEEN THEM on the dance floor for like 20/30 mins we went outside to smoke & they kept asking what I was doin the next day & asking if I wanted to go home w/ them & shit but I very awkwardly declined their advances after being VERY overtly sexual w/ them. heehee.

TLDR, I made out with 2 married men who kept tryna proposition me for sex and then found out they were WAY older than I thought. Yeah.. Numbers is fucking ... SOMETHIN. Anyways, I just hope I don't run into em tomorrow is my point of all this, cuz i'm not the hoe I played myself up 2 be. At least not for old men.

UhhH that's rlly all I have to say, I think i'm gonna take a walk since I never do anymore and i KEEP saying I need to start again but never do. I hope you're day is great, i'll see u later <3

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 8:06 pm

subject: Chillin in my room, listening to The Strokes
mood: stoned
music: You Only Live Once - The Strokes (listen)

Hellooo! (I wanna start using emoticons in these more!) I hope you're doing well! Today's been really good. I've been playing a new game I bought, Emily is Away Too. It's an amazing text game played on a recreation of AIM (complete w/ buddy icons & away messages, as well as links 2 old sites!) and it's a lot of fun. It made me really emotional It's about 2 friends / potential lovers & the way your conversations go affect the way they feel towards u and so on. idk, I highly recommend it!! It's full of 2000's nostalgia.

Man, I love The Strokes so much. Their first album means a lot to me. I got into them during a pivotal part of my life along with Stars, HOMESHAKE, and Metric (combat baby ♥). I just love music a lot haha. Ohh.. Hard to Explain just came on, fuck, I LOVE THE STROKES.

Yesterday I hung out with Jozelyn, Taylor, and Justin for the day. After Tay and Justin left, me and Jozelyn played wheel of fortune on my PS2 and it was so much fuckin fun. I love playing PS2 games with friends, I need to buy more multiplayer games.

That's about it that's goin on in my lame azz lyfe B-) I hope u have a good day & i'll SeE yA L8R

Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 4:48 pm

subject: I shouldn't have drank a 4 loko by myself
mood: nauseous
music: Low Place Like Home - Sneaker Pimps (listen)

Wazzup. I'm currently listening to the 1st Sneaker Pimps album in my new baby phat tube top that Amy bought me! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Here's a pic:

Last night was a lot of fun! I went to #'s w/ Amy, Hailey, Sam, & some new faces; Lizzy, Brittany, & Arena. (I might've butchered the spelling of their names LMAO) I drank 3/4 of a 4 loko by myself and was a bit too loosey goosey for my taste, but all was good. We stayed until 2 & then went to House of Pies but I didn't eat cuz I felt like throwing up. I didn't get home until like 4:30 haha, it was a really fun night.

Low Place Like Home is a fucking amazing song. I love Sneaker Pimps, before & after Kelli Ali. The album w/ her vocals is FUCKING AMAZING but I also really like the 2002 album w/ the male vocals. Both albums mean soo much to me. Kelli Ali also has really good solo stuff, Home Honey I'm High is a really good song imo. Also, why the fuck was Becoming X removed from like ALL streaming platforms?? It really upset me :-(

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic today. I feel like playing Roblox & Wizard101 or something, maybe Half-Life 2. Idk.

that's all goin on 4 now, I hope u have a good day!! see ya :-)

Friday, August 16, 2019 - 1:40 am

subject: I'm going dancin' today!!
mood: excited!
music: Victim Of Love - Erasure (listen)

Ahh!! Hello!! I'm in a really good mood right now. I've been takin PiX of myself & listening to music they play @ Numbers to hype myself up for tomorrow. (technically 2day since its past midnight) I'm going w/ Amy (duh), Taylor, & another friend Sam. I am SO READYYYYY.

i look so dumb tee hee.

I started playing Wizard101 again today using my account from 2008, it's a lot of fun!! I still have all of my old characters. :'-) My account was made in August 2008 but google says the game didn't come out till September so 8 year old me musta hacked the matrix to get early access LMAO.

Also, I started messing w/ rpg maker vx for the first time since i was like 14 and i've been having a lot of fun w/ it. I've spent the past few days making a game using a character sprite (Seiko) from Corpse Party. Speaking of, I need to replay the Corpse Party series sometime!! I was OBSESSED in my early teens & used to be in the fandom on instagram & RP'ed on KIK LMFAO. (I RP'ed as Emi Urabe for anyone who knows Corpse Party.) Cringey, but good days!!

That's all i rlly have to say for now, it's almost 2am and I need to get some sleep!! I'm hanging out with Taylor & Ashlyn around noonish. I hope you're having a good day/nite & i'll see u around :-)

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 6:36 pm

subject: I registered for college classes!
mood: stoned
music: 20 Min - Lil Uzi Vert (listen)

Wazzup B-) I registered for college today! It feels so good. I'm taking 4 classes so i'm considered a full time student, HOPEFULLY I can get my insurance now. (i can't have insurance unless i'm a full time student cuz of the VA). Anyways, me and taylor have the same major and ended up getting in the same classes for this semester, which is great! It makes things easier for me in terms of being an ANXIOUS FUCK who can't function well in situations by myself ... sigh.

I can't wait for Friday, man. I need a LONG night of drunk dancing. I always talk about going to Numbers but it's like my happy place, every night there is great. I love meeting new people & finding new songs to jam to :-)

So I tried uploading some Sims 2 CC i've made to & they didn't make it on the DL page b/c my pics & description weren't good enough... I'm too damn lazy to fix em so FuuCKit idc. I'm a lil pooped tho cuz they were cute in my opinion..

^ that's what they look like, I cropped the pix so that they weren't TOO huge on here. I'm wearing the American Idol tee irl right now LMAO, I made it from a shirt I own.

UhhhH that's all I have 2 say right now, I hope you have a good day & see u l8r. ♥

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 7:24 pm

subject: Smoking a bowl in Juicy Couture
mood: stoned
music: Toxic - Britney Spears (listen)

Helllooooo. I just smoked & i'm listening 2 music. I'm going to Numbers in about an hour w/ Amy! I can't wait to dance!! We're gonna get some cigs and a drink beforree as per usual. It's gonna be a good night. I hope they play some of my fave songs 2nite.

I recently completely purged all of my Sims 2 custom content which HURT but i wanted to get a clean start & start organizing my fuckin CC!! I'm sick of my CC folder being full of random files and shit. It sucks though bc I had a bunch of old CC from different archived Sims CC sites I found using the wayback machine that i'll never get back but whateverrr, it's just a game. And much better than The Sims 4, jus sayin.

Ahh I need 2 get ready for tonight!! I have no idea what to wear! Maybe my Juicy tracksuit but I wear it everytime so ?? !! idk. I'm gonna go & get ready, I hope u have a good day & i'll write again later :-)

Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 7:29 pm

subject: Going clubbing 2morro
mood: good
music: The Perfect Kiss - New Order (listen)

hellooo :-) I archived my last few posts again bc I wanted to start fresh in August. There hasn't been much going on today, I just hung out w/ taylor for a bit. Tomorrow night i'm going to Numbers and i am SO excited. I haven't been in a few weeks and I miss getting fucked up and dancing!! Numbers is a really great club. The music is amazing, the people are interesting, and the feeling I get while dancing in the middle of a huge crowd of people is indescribable. Idk, I love it so much.

I got Half-Life for my PS2 & it's so much fun. There's a co-op campaign i've never played & a death match mode which is SO MUCH FUN to play w/ friends. I love the Half-Life series so much man. I mean, just valve games in general. Their games make me feel rlly nostalgic for a time I don't really remember. Idk. Postal 2 also makes me feel really nostalgic while playing. I love old video games.

SPEAKING Of OLd but not really?? old games but are SADLY DISCONTINUED; Does anyone remember playstation home? Anyone w/ a PS3 may remember what that is. It was like a virtual world in ur ps3 where u could make a character and unlock/buy clothes & places to live and IT WAS SO AMAZING. Now I may be biased because I was like 10 when I found it and thought it was the most FUtuRiStiC tOtALLy rAD gaMe EvAr s00o ReaLisTiC. LMAO. But I have so many fond memories of making friends at that little shipwreck/beach map where you could get married, hanging out at my house & watching just for laughs gags videos on my tv, or hanging out at the konami map trying to find Silent Hill shit haha. The more I write about it the more I remember and the more sad I get man oh my gOD. I miss those times!!!

Well uh that's all i'm really thinkin about rn so .. see u l8r ♥